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MPNP Application 2012

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by biddukhan, May 11, 2012.

  1. Thanks meri3ann3.. Are u done with ur medical?

    Regards and God Bless Us
  2. Hi MB1234,
    Please dont wait for them to ask you to pay for your RPRF, you can pay right away. Write a covering letter to accompany Bankdraft/cheque, stating your UCI no, Application no, receipt no from your processing fee and other necessary vital information that singled your application out. They will acknowledge it within few days. Dont wait for notification, after all they will refund, if there is any eventualities. Thanks.
  3. Congrats reyvico! :)
  4. Hi Guys,

    Here is my timeline:
    AOR 2/25/13
    MR 5/1/13
    MEDICAL DONE 5/10/13
    RPRF ENCASHED 8/1/13

    We have'nt received any emails yet of PPR. Is this still normal? I know some received PPR after 3 months of medicals received.
  5. Thank u Taymos for ur kind replay. In the visa office website it stated that "If you are paying additional fees for an application currently being processed, the payment must be attached to the letter from our office requesting the payment". Inaddition when they requested medical the email is a "Do Not Reply".
  6. I am afraid about the outcome of my interview by the MPNP officer. There are some questions that did not match between me and my friend (sponsor for GS). I was even asked for my eticket when I visited Canada. Is there a chance that after the interview they will deny my application?
  7. You will be arriving in time for winter - that is very brave of you!
    stock up on plenty warmers keep in touch!

    Winnipeg will be our destination too!
    Medyo naguluhan ako I submitted our NBI clearance along with our documents around May 2013;
    will they be asking for a new one?
  8. hi,
    i received today email requesting for additional docs listed below.

    Updated IMM8 for yourself. This include your newborn child.

    Ø Updated Additional Family Information Form for yourself. This include your newborn child.

    Ø Updated Additional Family Information form for your spouse. This include your newborn child.

    Ø Cheque payment for the processing fee of your newborn child

    i will send it tom..

    hoping for ppr soon.
  9. That's good to hear Kidlat, knowing that your application is moving. We almost have the same timeline now. Thought i haven't receive any email from them til now.

    Keep us posted. GodBlessUs
  10. Hello all, This is my timeline : 25th sep 2012 , application was delivered at mpnp office (Nomination under Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers in General Stream) via dhl , mailed from india. Through tracking number we got confirmation from dhl that our file was delivered.

    BUT since then we NEVER got file number or AOR or anything related to it. That's it :'( . We sent them email but got reply that our application haven't been entered in their database, once it is they will notify us. It's more than 1 year, nothing till now.

    What do you think about our application's problem & what would you suggest ?
  11. My LOA was dated August 31, 2013 ;D
  12. Hi..I'm new here..I'd like to share my timeline here too...I got nominated by MPNP last 04/30/2011, sent my applic kit to CIC, Nova Scotia in 07/01/ 2012, received AOR from CIC, Nova Scotia thru email dated 08/20/2012 and another email fr visa office in Singapore (yes, I applied outside the Phils.) on 11/7/2012 indicating my UCI and Applic No. Since then, I've heard nothing...keeping my fingers crossed :) Anyone here who's on the same boat as me?
  13. Good day rockmi!

    You are welcome and good luck!
  14. hi,
    dont worry, dey wud send u file very soon. same has happened with me. then made enquirey throgh sponsor, dey visited mpnp office with reciept dat got after the subbmittion of application, then dey respond with same awnser, but luckly i got file no after 3 days.............. pray to god for best,,, u cal also make cal to them...........
  15. Hi Mandyrai,

    Are we allowed to ask MPNP regarding our application if its more than a year already?
    May i know the link to be used to inquire MPNP? or the telephone # of MPNP?

    I have read before that they will not provide any details regarding the status of an application.

    Im just really worried because it is exactly 8months already since i have received AOR (FEB4,2013). No update since the.

    God please help us all who are weary and worried regarding our much awaited MPNP approval..


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