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"Medical Results have been recived" and after how many days you got ppr guys??

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sinpguy, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Thanks Rossei and Truongan..
  2. I need some help please................

    I just received a passport request from Detroit. I applied under CSQ. In Aug 2011, I got married to a canadian citizen. Last week i faxed a letter to Detroit office explaining that and a copy of marriage certificate and a copy of my wife's canadian passport.

    Now, in the request that i received today says: do not submit your passport if you have married or divorced since our last correspondence.

    Do you think they processed the fax and that is why they sent me the request or (they did not process the fax yet)?

    They are asking to fill out my wife's name in the form that they sent me.

    Does that apply to me, or should I be ok?
  3. Why don't you create a separate folder in your e-mail account for receiving e-mails from Buffalo? Just filter Buffalo's e-mails into that folder. And just check your e-mails once every few days. You do know that when you get a PPR from Buffalo they give you about 30 days to sent your passport to them, so if you did not check your e-mail for a whole week, you still would have time to send your passport. So stop checking your e-mails too much. It doesn't help!

  4. Hey sinpguy thanks for advice.....for my passport renewal but if i send to renew it takes two months and if i get ppr then i have to submit my passport in one months so i think i will wait....my passport is going to expire on may 30 so i will wait and as soon as i got ppr i will send my friend to buffalo and get the pr card then i will go india and renew my passport......is that right?......guide me please i do not know what to do in this situation...

    Thank you
  5. You cannot just travel out of Canada upon landing; you will require to have PR Card or Travel Document (in case of not having PR card) with you. But there may be another option for you: if your friend goes to Buffalo to get your IMM Visa and CoPR, you have to secure that visa during your travel back to India and land with new passport and IMM Visa imprinted on your old one when you come back from India. Generally, visas remain valid on old passports even after renewal. But if you have to double check since IMM Visa is one of a kind and time-limited.

    This is because IMM Visa is a single-entry type and meant for landing. So, when you enter Canada, the IO will cross out your Visa, apply for your PR card and make you a PR ("landed immigrant") instantly. After that, you will require your PR card to re-enter Canada every time. And since PR card takes time to process (6~8 weeks), you have to apply for Travel Document in order to travel meanwhile.

    Here is a CIC link for Travel Document :
  6. SINP Nom: 4-03-2011
    CIC Rcv'd App: 12-05-2011

    MED Req: 23-9-11
    MED Done: 24-89-11
    MED Sent: 12-10-11

    WAITING FOR PPR........i know i need pr card but i heard that if you show the india's ticket for travelling then then they will give pr card in just 20 to 25 days.....is that right?.......

    and second question is how long i have to wait for ppr approximetly.? bcz my passport expire on end of may...
    Thank you..
  7. Regarding the PR card, unless you are really sure that your PR card in local CIC and you can do that but with very special circumstances (reasons, residency days, etc) not just simply showing ticket and get PR card.

    PPR waiting is case by case, no one can predict how VO in Buffalo doing application.
  8. I've no clue about this.

    It's really tricky now to estimate the processing time from Buffalo. If your file got transferred to Ottawa, then you would get it lot earlier. But I would say Buffalo is much consistent and process PPR in 11-14 months. Since you applied in mid-May, 2011; your expected time will be from mid-April to mid-July. As you can see, it may be tight for you. So, take alternative measures.
  9. Hi guys, after all the waiting time, I received passport request this morning!!!!!

    Here is my timeline:
    Application received: Apr. 25, 2011 (actually i sent out the application in Feb 2011 and untill Aug i have not heard anything from them so i emailed Buffalo and ECAS changed to "We received your application for permanent residence on April 25, 2011." so i donno what took them so long just to "receive" my application)
    AOR and MR: Sept.22 2011
    MR sent to Ottawa: Sept. 30, 2011 (they received it on Oct 3rd and status changed to "Medical results have been received." around end of Octorber)
    Started Processing: Nov. 29, 2011 (stauts changed to "We started processing your application on November 29, 2011." around Dec 6, 2011)
    Address disappear: Dec 27, 2011
    Address re-appear: Jan 6, 2012.
    PPR: Jan 17, 2012

    They asked for the height and eye color, is there any form I need to fill? Or just simply include a note indicating my height and eye color? Please help

  10. Congrats!!! Just write down at the back of the photos.
  11. I went to the local office.. It was quite there.. I asked the receptionist that my wife is coming this weekend and I have to land before that. He told he will try to squeeze you in.. But asked if I have proof she is travelling .. I said yes.. Then he took my copr and went to computer and gave me friday 9:00 am... The he told me to bring passport/copr/my wifes ticket..

    But the problem now is m,y wife is coming only next friday (not this friday).. But I told them this weeknd..

    Do you guys think it will be a problem when I show the ticket for next friday for my wife..??
  12. Can't say, but next time don't lie, immigration don't like it at all.
  13. just show up on Friday bring required docs. if they don't ask, good, no ask no say rule. if they do ask, confirm the correct date and apologize for the mistake of your memory.

    Either way I see that they have already booked you in for 9am Friday. If you don't come for your landing interview, you will show lack of interest in immigration to Canada and they can mark that on your file.

    The main point is you have successfully been booked for landing at 9am Friday, you must show up to comply with this. Your wife arrival is no longer a major concern. Show up and simply tell them I have an appointment at 9am for landing, thats' it.

    Good luck with your landing experience.

    P.S: you should have blamed the weather to request expedited service, lol. That is way more obvious!
  14. Ya I am going to show up... I think I will take my ticket to Toronto on thrusday morning too along with it.. and telll them that I have only 3 more days from this weekend.. Yea I doubt weather thing will work in saskatoon... they know its always cold here. and also they will say why dont I get appointment from CIC??? Anyway let see... how it goes.. as u said I am not going to mention her ticket until they ask me.. Hopefully the same guy is not the immigration officer... He was sitting next to the reception in a desk.. (not sure if he is a receptionist)

    Thanks Truongan..
  15. Congratulations!!!

    I have some questions bcoz my case is exactly same as urs.

    1) Was ur file in Buffalo or transfered to Some other office?
    2) How did u receive ur medical request (by post or email)?

    I also send my file on 15 Feb 2011,
    In Aug CIC website updated: file received 25 April 2011,
    Medical request received by post from buffalo: 8 Sep, 2011
    Medical done : 20 Sep, 2011
    Medical Sent to Ottawa Address: 27 Sep, 2011
    Medical received (By tracking Number): 1 Oct, 2011
    On CIC website "medical received" updated after 2 weeks

    Thats It...after that i am still waiting....my file is still in buffalo office and status showing " Application Received "

    I emailed them last week asking about my file status....they replied:

    Your application is in process. No further action is required by you at this time.

    We thank you for your patience and for keeping your correspondence to a minimum.


    Canadian Consulate General Buffalo
    Immigration Section


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