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medical insurance or health insurance

Discussion in 'Health' started by melr, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. hi..my friend whose travelling with me had a cancer of the liver but she had a chemoembolisation last june..next month she wants to travel with me to vancouver for 2 weeks..i just want to know if what kind of insurance she will get..medical or health..and please maybe somebody can tell me what's a good insurance company in the phils..does she needs a doctor's certificate allowing her to travel?thank you for your help..
  2. hi, just wondering if your friend has a permanent resident status in Canada, because I can relate to the problem of your friend, my wife had a medical problem she had a cancer last year but she is okay now, our problem is how we could convince immigration officer to grant our permanent residency application, we are both here in canada as temporary worker working in food service,..
  3. You can donwload the application form for visitors to Canada with pre-existing conditions.
    I am not a doctor or underwriter to make a decision.
    She should be insured just in case of medical emergency.
  4. hi..she got her visitor's visa before she was diagnosed with cancer..last june she had a transarterial chemoembolisation and she's doing well..and we asked her doctor if she could travel and then the doctor said no problem.now she wants to travel with me but we have to know what kind of insurance she have to buy just for emergency cases only..any input would be highly appreciated..
  5. One reputable travel insurance company is Blue Cross. However you should be aware that insurance rarely covers pre-existing conditions. This means that if you mother develops any problems related to the cancer while on holidays, it's unlikely the insurance will cover it.
  6. thank you very much scylla..we just don't know what to do because her visa will expire on dec and if she couldn't travel until then it's unlikely that canadian embassy will grant her visa again in case she will apply again..
  7. You can download the medical questionaire for the applicants with pre-existing conditions from here and fax it derectly to medical insurance company.

    You can also send a copy to my email. As usual insurance company prefer to deal with licensed insurance agents.
    They will send their decision to me and I will be able to forwart it to you.
    And aslo in case they refuse to give you coverage I will try to find another company.

    Good luck.
  8. hi haver..thank you very much for your help..we'll do it after her scheduled rfa next week..i will keep you posted..have a nice day...
  9. Hi Melr,
    I have not got anything. Are you Ok ?
  10. hi haver,oh i'm sorry..i just didn't open my computer for few weeks..well,we weren't able to get a travel insurance who covers preexisting condition..i tried to contact blue cross in phils but they said they couldn't..what we did is asked my friend's doctor a letter stating that she will be allowed to travel..she had her rfa done last oct.14 and for the moment she's clear of cancer..just she needs a check up every 3 months..what we did was getting a normal insurance for emergency cases not related to cancer that will cover our stay here..oh by the way,we're in vancouver now..we came last oct.29 and would be going back on dec.19..anyway,thank you for help haver..have a nice day..

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