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Marriage of Convenience - The truth.

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by MofC2014, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. They are not complaining about being duped as much as they are complaining about being on the hook for 3 years, something they wouldn't deal with if they divorced a Canadian. They are already hurting from being dumped and they consider it an additional slap in the face when they get a bill from the government to pay back money for welfare claimed by their ex. Again, I am in the camp of "tough, you signed off on it". But people by nature often don't want to shoulder the responsibility when sh*t hits the fan, even if they agreed to it in the first place.
  2. While he is entitled to her 50% of her assets come divorce, he is not entitled to it, if it is proven that he married under false pretenses, organized fraud.

    It is no different from a spouse getting entitled to life insurance to his/her spouse if spouse is responsible for the death. Spouse gets no entitlement to the life insurance benefits.
  3. Again it goes back to personal responsibility to their actions.
  4. Oh I forgot, he is also entitled to 50% of her pension, which for a professor might be quite good. I'm not sure what you mean be "married under false pretenses". Thats something CIC and CBSA care about, but its not something divorce lawyers care about. It is actually routine for Canadians to marry other Canadians solely for money and still get half the assest when they divorce. That is why many people use a prenuptial agreement.

  5. Your anger seems to be really misplaced. She's stupid and naive, but you seem to be giving him a pass when he's the one that's running the scam. She's stupid but that's not a crime, it's quite naive and you'd think most people would realize that, but again not a crime.... it's his actions that are the problem. Strange.....
  6. He didnt agree to sponsor anyone. She did. That's the point. She wanted to have sex with a young Cuban hunk, good for her, but i'm not sure why I, as a taxpayer, should be subsidizing her sexcapades. She brought him here, she should be fully responsible for him. In the future she should probably just stick to Canadian prostitues because its cheaper in the long run.
  7. It's good to be mindful of what we say because no one knows tomorrow. Just having a foreign spouse elicits judgement from people even if you are of the same age. This is just one of many things that come with the process in addition to wait times.

    She felt it was love, perhaps without immigration it may have never come to this. She could have just stayed boyfriend/girlfriend with him. The gov't needs to bring back the fiance visa.

  8. In the end everyone should be accountable for their actions and decisions. Love is not only blind it's expensive and people get hurt.
  9. Now that is an excellent idea -- a fiance visa would remove the all-or-nothing aspect of international relationships.
  10. It would be nice in this discussion if people put forward some alternatives, workable guidelines that might help people avoid such situations rather than continually calling the woman "stupid" - she is obviously not, she has a PhD and you probably don't. Gullible, foolish, maybe desperate, possibly a "rescue" type of person, but if you actually met her I doubt if you could call her stupid to her face without shame. If by stupid you mean vain, then I have see more men than women falling into that trap.

    I saw so many old geezers in Mexico picking up young women - overweight, wrinkled old mechanics or oil rig workers with limited education who just happened to have enough cash to impress. Little do they know that in addition to adopting the family, they will certainly be cheated on whenever possible with the milkman or electrician.

    We were told that CIC now considers all relationships fake until proven otherwise, which is why it's incumbent on applicants to be as thorough as possible.

    By the way, divorce stats for Canada above are wrong: Sweden has a 55% divorce rate, US & Australia are 46%, Canada 40%. In polls, married Canadians consider themselves one of the happiest groups. If anyone immigrating to Canada is still lumping Canada together with the US in all aspects, it shows an ignorance that should be corrected before bothering to make the move. It's just the same as if I said Mexico is the same as Guatemala, or Pakistan is the same as Afghanistan.
  11. As much as I tend to be the kind of person who says, "Tough luck! You made your bed, now lie in it," I'm pretty much with on-hold on this one. I don't see the new conditional PR rule helping a whole lot. We've yet to see if CIC even pursues complaints to try to revoke PR when the foreign spouse ends a relationship within the first two years, and even if they do, that will be another grab at the pockets of Canadian taxpayers to finance those efforts. On the flip side of that coin, I can see the 2-year rule forcing a newly arrived immigrant who finds his/her sponsoring spouse is abusive or controlling to stay and feel he/she has no options.

    Me, I'd just hightail it back to the U.S. if things didn't work out with my beloved. But I still have family and friends there. If I didn't have a place that still felt like "home," and if it was in a country with a much lower standard of living than Canada, I might feel very differently. Also, it costs money to get from Canada to another country and to try to reestablish a life there. My husband and I joked, when we started to seriously discuss me coming to Canada with him, what we would do in the case of things going sour. I told him, "I don't want half your stuff. I want a thousand dollars and a plane ticket." It was a joke, but with a spirit of truth behind it. I'd need help to get back to where my family lives, and a little bit of cash to rely on until I could find work. And I'm LUCKY that there's no question I could stay with my mom or my sis until I could get back on my feet. Some people don't have these luxuries.

    Not sure you can legislatively fix problems that come from the human heart.

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