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Marriage in Morocco - Parents are Moroccan

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by stealth, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. OK quick question here.

    Insha'Allah I am getting married soon. I am marrying a girl from Morocco. I am a born Canadian; my parents were born in Morocco. Do I have to have any papers to get married in Morocco?

    I am only planning on bringin my passport with me.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. stealth plz read the thread named morocco papers help posted by hudith u ll find answer to ue questions
  3. I didn't find an exact answer. I am asking if I need the papers, since I have a family connection in Morocco...
  4. which nationality do u have , if u have the canadian one then ur marriage is considered a mixed marriage here in morocco and in this case u need ur police clearance from canada and ur birth certificate from there and ur work papers plus ur passport but if u have the moroccan nationality then its not a problem u can get papers from the moroccan administrations good luck
  5. OK, thanks for the answer.

    I was offered many times to get my Moroccan nationality card, but never got it.

    So I only have Canadian nationality.

    So I will need a police clearance from here? Papers from my work? Birth certificate, and passport? Do I still have to go to Rabat, or can I obtain all of these just in Canada, and head over.

  6. you will obtain all the aboce mentioned papers there in canada , you need to be muslim so that u can marry a moroccan girl , this is a must in the moroccan law for foreigners wanting to get married to moroccan girls , contact the canadian embassy in rabat if u have any worries
  7. Med, ana muslimi, mzyoud f Canada walakin kbayli mzyoudin f Meghrib.

    So their is no issue with being Muslim...

    Do I still have to go to Rabat, if all of the papers I can get in Canada?

    Jazakallah khair.
  8. you yill have to go the embassy of canada in rabat for sure u might need attestation de nationality from them
  9. I am married to a Moroccan man, I think you will find this site useful

  10. Thanks dbstarz, but I already went through the process.

    Long story short, if you want to get married and your parents are born Moroccan, you need to get your Moroccan citizenship to get married, or you can go to court and claim you do not want to be Moroccan.
  11. Glad it worked out. May I ask what documents u needed after u got ur la carte national ?

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