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LVO Applicants July 01, 2011 FSW Applicants_MI 3

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Mr.Engineer, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Thanks Rawat!!!

    you should get yours any day now...
  2. Connnnnnnnnnngratulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation
    All the best in your new life,
    Wish you all the best
    And I wish to have good news very soon, Enshalla,,,

  3. Thank you so much! Wish you the same!

    I am sure you will get very good news soon!
  4. congrats :)
  5. congrats :)

    Visa DM MR Remedical PPR 3rd Line ad. dox. Interview 2nd Line Refused ​

    NOC Name FSW Home PER 2nd Line MR/VO Rec Date 3rd Line PPR1 PPR2 DM VISA
    3152possie 1UK21.9.11 14.5.1218.6.12 N/A 18.6.1218.7.12
    6241yolex01 1UK21.9.11 7.6.1212.7.12/8.8.12 No 4.10.12 N/A
    3112optimist 1 Pakistan30.9.1113.6.1216. No No No No
    0631Ckirsteen 1 Philippines11.10.11 24.4.1216.7.12/ No No No No
    1122ASMB 2 UAE12.10.11 7.6.1225.6.12/12.7.1228. NA
    1111m.ibrahim 2Qatar14.10.11 16.8.12 No No No No No No
    2151aba2011 1 UAE26.10.11 1.5.1217.7.12/14.8.1223.8.12 No No No No
    ? meem ? ?4.1.12 20.6.12? No No No No No
    1233ukbd 1 UK/BD4.11.11 NoDox. Req.9.8.12 No No No No No
    0631takemblues 1 Pakistan10.11.11 NoInterview18.11.12 No No No No No
    ?Bakusalman 1 ? 10.11.11 ? 17.9.12 No No No No No
    2121SABU79 1 UK16.11.11 No No No No No
    3113ovais 1 Pakistan16.11.11 NoDox. Req.3.8.12 No No No No No
    3131Toso 1 ?23.11.11 No12. No No No No
    3112Optimist22222 1 Pakistan28.11.11 15.6.1228.3.1214.5.1215.6.1212.7.1218.6.1225.7.12
    7216AUA 1 ?12.12.11 15.8.1220.8.12/4.9.1215.9.1218.9.1221.9.12 No No
    1233CANVINCHENG 1 UAE13.12.11 12.6.1212.7.12/3.8.1230. No 1.11.12 No
    0631vinodkumar 1Dubai13.12.11 12.6.1217.8.1213.10.12 No No No No
    4151now 1 Pakistan15.12.11 1.5.1221.5.12/26.6.1229.7.12 No No No No
    0631Mr.President 1 Pakistan18.12.11 NOdOX.req. ? No No No No No
    2121Xavi21 1Pakistan21.12.11 24.9.1225.9.12 No No No No No
    2151Sridev 1 UK30.12.11 13.6.12Ad.Dox.20.8.12/MR 28.9.12 29.10.12 No No No No
    3113Earlyopter 1 Pakistan4.1.12 24.6.1231.7.12/31.8.12 7.10.12 No No No No
    4152Developmentstar 1 Pakistan5.1.12 1.6.1213.8.12/7.9.1231.10.12 No No No No
    AEOHossein Arefi 2 Kuwait5.1.12 16.8.12Ad.Dox 1.10.12 No No No No No
    7216stuart 1 UK10.1.12 28.4.12 3.5.12 No 16.7.12 N/A 15.7.12 No
    3113Seema.Malik 1 Pakistan11.1.12 No No No No
    3233Chizzy 1 KSA11.1.12 15.6.12Ad.Dox 30.8.12/MR.25.10.12 No No No No No
    3112zeecee 1 Pakistan11.1.12 22.6.12ad.doc17.7.12/MR31.8.12 21.10.12 No No No No
    4152unni 1 Qatar12.1.12 No No No No No
    1233thereds 1 UAE17.1.12 13.6.12Ad11.7.12 No No No No No
    3112HD 1 Pakistan18.1.12 22.6.12?.7.12 ?.9.12 No No No No
    7241Denmarkpk 1 Denmark19.1.12 No No No No No
    3233zeshane1Pakistan21.1.12 No No No No
    7216shahzad395 1 KSA23.1.12 22.6.1217.8.12 No No No No No
    7372dante0000 ? ?26.1.12 1.6.1217.7.12 No No No No No
    ?Harris08 ? ?27.1.12 28.9.1222.8.12/30.8.1220.9.12 No No No No
    ?aiden2010 1 UAE?.1.12 21.6.1221.8.12/21.9.12/Re.med3.10.12 No No No No No
    7216Whiteknight101 1 Pakistan1.2.12 3.9.12 No No No No
    1233Mohammad2222 1 Qatar2.2.12 22.6.1213.8.12/12.9.1225.9.12 No No No No
    4152AACD 2Ireland3.2.12 6.6.1225.6.12/30.7.1223.8.1221.9.12 N/A 23.9.1222.10.12
    ?JIMI2 1?2.2.12 NoAd.Dox17.9.12 No No No No No
    3112dryasir 1 Pakistan5.2.12 No No No No
    4152Miki27 1 UK15.2.12 25.8.1218.10.12 N/A 1.11.1225.10.12
    3142haniya 1 Pakistan17.2.12 26.6.1217.8.1222.9.12 No No No No
    3233Trevor and Jo 1UK19.2.12 17.10.1230.10.12 No No No No No
    6241Rawat anil 3 Dubai20.2.1226.6.1213.7.12/7.8.1219.8.1217.10.12 N/A 15.10.12 No
    7216junaidwpk 1 KSA 20.2.12 No Interview ? No No No No No
    3142Escape _Artist ? ?27.2.12 25.6.1210.7.12 No No No No No
    3142Tim Hunter 1 UK29.2.12 22.6.1212.7.12/6.8.12R.M15.9.1226.9.1222.10.12 N/A No No
    7241ibtihaj 1 Pakistan28.2.12 NoInterview ? No No No No No
    AEOwoodworker 2 Pakistan29.2.12 15.8.12Ad.Dox 18.9.12 No No No No No
    1233Mahmoud2200 1 Qattar1.3.12 NoInterview ? No No No No No
    7216Lawchuks1UK21.3.12 25.6.1216. No No No No
    7421muhammadali_31 1 Pakistan26.3.12 No Interview? No No No No No
    1231Ryanomil[​IMG] 2 UK12.4.12 7.6.1225.6.12/9.7.1223. N/A 9.9.1228.9.12
    7215Bancklaud 1 UK17.4.12 No No No No No
    7215momohj25 1 UK25.4.12 20.6.1231.7.12/23.8.12 1.9.1225.9.12N/A27.9.1218.10.12
    4152omee ? ?? 7.6.12R20.6.12 No No No No No

    All LVO MI3 applicants who have not received any updates after PER post your timelines


    NOC Name FSW Home Appl. Date PER Add.Docs
    1122 ssansari 1Pakistan8.7.1130.9.11No
    0631farney bhoy 1Ireland11.7.11 20.10.11No
    6242angel dust 1Pakistan26.9.1121.12.11No
    0611Usmansons 2Pakistan7.12.11 14.2.12No
    4152Gondal the great 1?12.12.11 14.2.12No
    6231zubair44 1Pakistan?.1.12 21.2.12No
    7242ramzy2277 1UAE3.1.12 24.2.12No
    1233Lastchance 2Pakistan3.
    7241soomro786 1?24.2.12 16.3.12No
    7251Mr.Engineer 1Pakistan29.2.12 21.3.12No
    ?leon007 2 ? 1.3.12 21.3.12No
    6242Canadiantobe 1UAE5.3.12 23.3.12No
    7215tania1810 1Pakistan9.3.12 28.3.12No
    7242umyoko 1Pakistan12.3.12 26.3.12No
    7251Abu Atif 1Bahrain18.4.12 24.4.12No
  7. Congratulations Yolex! Wish you all the best.
  9. It all started in 2010 when i filed for HRDC and got my LMO after 7 months and then applied in feb 2011 but application didnt gone through CIO due to a stupid reason, then i applied again in nov and my file rcv in dec, its been almost 2 years now and me waiting for this PR thing , Allah knows when it will happen and still either i rcv it or got a refusal letter. When come to office first thing in the morning is checking the FORUM , as frm this i got to know either people getting something or i am the only fool in this world. Then checking the E-cas and one line always there which make me angry " We received your application on 7 Dec 2011" thats it nothing else. U guys must be thinking why i am writing this , well just to make me feel light thats it.
    Mr E lets start a conversation that where everyone plan to settle and landing in Canada to make us feel positive.

    I plan to land in Toronto and settling in Mississauga, as my employer is there and also many of my family friends living there, in fact i have a little community there now living for many years, so more home atmosphere for me. What about other friends in forum?
  10. LVO is very active in case of MI1 for sending PPR1
  11. Thanks Mr E! Good luck for your process!
  12. after your due date did you send any CSE?
  13. Dear ALL

    It's exactly 400 Days since I received PER and 484 Days since I send Application to CIO.

    I don't know exactly what's going on and why they are not working on my file please pray for me.

  14. Dear brother, I pray for you everyday
  15. any CSE or GCMS??

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