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LMO Processing Time Ontario

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Unlucky_gal, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Friends, Any update??
  2. Hi, my employer submitted LMO application by fax on Jan 6th. He received the file nr last Friday. Anybody knows how long will take to know the results?
    It looks like they are giving file nr to all applications received, but it still will take a couple on months to have the positive replym
    My PG work permit expired on Jan 8, actually I am in implied status. I already informed thee file nr to CiC, hopefully they will wait until SC give a result.
    Please update on the dates they are working now.

  3. In my case, we've applied for the LMO on 22nd of Sep. still waiting although we were told it should be done this week.
  4. Hi, I was just wondering what province you applied in? I applied about a week after you in Ontario so I was hoping I could use your response time as a guage for my own application.

  5. Hi Murphn24,

    Do you already have a file number?
    I asked my employer and they said they still don't have the file number yet....they forward the application Dec 16.

    How long does it take to issue the file number?
  6. Hi Iva,,
    no news yet :(, hope by next week..
  7. Hi,

    My application was posted on the 10th and delivered on the 11th. My lawyer rang them for a second time 30 minutes ago actually. They gave her a processing number over the phone which is the first recognition of my application. I'm not sure when they would have contacted my lawyer/employer if the call hadn't been made.

    Service Canada said that it would be another 2-3 months for a decision to be made but that you can call to enquire about the status of it in the mean time. I think it will be less than 3 months and closer to the 2 mark. They will always push out their time estimate so they don't put pressure on themselves and it's all good if they get it back quicker.

    I think you have probably been assigned a number but that they haven't contacted you about it. They seem to contact with the processing number when they are further along and closer to a decision from what I have read on some forums. Obviously I have no personal experience of this as this is my first LMO application.

    Hope this helps!

  8. hey murphn24,
    Did you say that you sent your application in Feb? If so, then we're on the same boat coz i sent my application on Feb 7, expected delivery Feb 9th. Did you send your application to Toronto HRDC office or any other?


  9. Hey Bepositive,

    No I sent my in January but I've had little progress until today. Getting the processing number today was big progress for me!
  10. Today my employer called SC and they said my LMO is approved on Monday, Feb 13th ;D ;D ;D I called CIC to inform them, the officer told me they sent me a letter and rejected my application on last Wednesday, Feb 8th :mad: :mad: :mad: and I have to apply for restoration. Here is my time line:

    Nov 9th, employer Faxed LMO to SC.
    Nov 10th, SC received application.
    Dec 7th, I applied for work permit from CIC and mentioned my employer was applied for LMO. Attached LMO application.
    Dec 13th, SC assigned file number to LMO application.
    Jan 10th, I called CIC and informed them the file number and asked to hold work permit application.
    Feb 9th, SC called my employer and asked some document.
    Feb 10th, my employer sent the requested documents to SC.
    Feb 13th, LMO approved :D
    Feb 16th, I understood work permit application was rejected on Feb 8th (exactly 2 months after submission) :eek:

    Kat911s you were right.
  11. Submitted to Toronto
  12. @Iva

    congrats on your +LMO ... look at the brighter side, now you can restore your status and just wait for a new work permit ...
    ...some of us are still in limbo ...work permit denied and still no news on LMO....
  13. hi. Iva, so sorry they couldn't wait a little bit. May I. Ask you when did yourr work perrmit expire?
    I am in the deadline, if I don't receive the positive lmo before april 8, I won't be able to apply for restauration of status, since my wwork permit expired on jan 8.
  14. Hi carolk,
    when did you apply your LMO?
  15. Thank you carolk,

    My work permit expired on Dec, 10th, 2011

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