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LMO Processing Time Ontario

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Unlucky_gal, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. My LMO filed on 25 June, when can I expect the LMO result.Pls help me and share about your LMO processing Time
  2. Me too my prospective employer filed my LMO June 17, 2011 under LCP (new employer/first time to hire a live-in caregiver without any representative/agency to filed) and until now she haven't receive any feedback from HRSDC. Any one who just got their LMO in Ontario under LCP? How long usually takes to get the result?
  3. I went through the process in 2007 and it took about 10 weeks to get an LMO, but as we were traveling from Brazil we needed to have a medical which slowed the process down.

    I'm in the process of applying for a new LMO right now. This time we're relocating from Australia so we shouldn't need a medical.

    My company has hired immigration lawyers to fill out and submit the application for us to ensure everything is done correctly, and they estimate that it should take between 4-8 weeks.

    I've read elsewhere that the average wait at the moment is about 5 weeks but of course it depends where you are applying from, where you have been living in the past year, and how straightforward your case is.
  4. honeysweetie,

    did you receive your LMO? or atleast did your employer get any call from HRSDC?

    Please share.

  5. Hi Oronno unfortunately no progress yet. And she (prospective employer) didn't get any call from HRSDC either. But she phoned HRSDC if the supporting documents she mailed thru Canada Post delivered/received and finally reached HRSDC only last June 30, 2011 because of the CUPW locked out.
  6. My LMO was applied in Ontario....on Apr. 10th... received positive response on June 4th....so 8 weeks...
  7. What line of work are you in (NOC level/code) and where did you apply from?
    These things seem to affect the timeline so it would be helpful to see if our cases are comparable with yours.

    For the record, my NOC code is 2232 (NOC Level B).
    I applied from Australia (with the help of Toronto-based Immigration Lawyers)
    My Application went in July 7th.

    I'll keep y'all posted on progress.
  8. Usually 4-6 weeks. Your employer will receive a call and if all the needed documents were submitted, there should not be any problem, especially needed are the proof and results of the recruitment efforts.

  9. @Golden Arm:

    NOC Code: 2141
    Applied from: Toronto (Law Firm). I am in the US currently.

  10. Looks like you & I are in similar fields (engineering & design), although judging by your NOC code you probably have more qualifications than me.

    Still, the cases are similar so I guess I should expect a similar timeframe.... unfortunately. :(
  11. Yay so excited that my employer got a phone call today from HRSDC that our LMO Online application under LCP got approved and they will mail the positive response. Here's the timeline.

    My employer applied thru Online: June 17, 2011
    Sent the supporting documents June 20, 2011 - Received by HRSDC June 30, 2011 it was late because of CUPW locked out
    My employer got a phone CALL from HRSDC - JUly 12, 2011

    Thanks! Now I'm relieved. But still worries me because that is just LMO not WP yet. But I think I still have enough time. My contract with her will start September 15, 2011. My Current employer will release me August 31, 2011.
  12. Hi Honeysweetie,

    I noticed you are applying for a WP under new employer while your OWP/PR are in process. How long will be your new contract? I'm interested with the outcome of your WP app. Please update when you receive the results.

    Thanks :)
  13. Hi Plussy, I signed 2-year contract. At first it's hard to get them believed that I will finish my contract knowing that my PR/OWP is on process. But I told her that we both need to invest TRUST with each other and as long as both parties will follow what is stated in our Contract there's no reason I will not finish. And besides my current employer spoke highly about me to her. It's just sad that they don't need a fulltime caregiver anymore because the kids will be in school. I will keep you updated (-:
  14. Wow, that is crazy fast for an LMO. Good for you! I hope mine is as quick!

    Does anyone know if the fact that it is under LCP is the reason it was so fast?
  15. NOC 2174 how long it will take to complete LMO applied on Jun 25

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