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LMO processing time BC at start of 2012...input please!

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by out, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. please share your timeline of your LMO BC at start of year 2012...anyone?
  2. My LMO was submitted on March 9th. I received my approval on Tuesday, July 10th :D

    Twelve weeks after the initial submission, my employer received a letter stating adjustments/revisions that needed to be made. It took one week to make the adjustments and then another four weeks to process and grant approval.

    ***After the initial submission, my employer was told to include the officer's name and ID# on the application so that the application would go back to the original officer that reviewed the file. I can not confirm that this is always true BUT it did expedite the process for us.
  3. thanky c1983smith for the reply...

    if mine is applied by april that means it will come out by august. so in bc it takes not only 3 mos. but 4 mos. now. bc is really bc even at LMO...actually i read it at bcjobs.ca as lmo is process up to 6mos.

    so to everyone who are bc base, find a job or an lmo must be filed 6 mos before expiration of your work permit.
  4. straight from the employer's mouth who coordinate with cic/sc for an LMO. lmo grant in vancouver or lower mainland is not in effect at the moment due to not critical for a prospective employee. only selective places at bc where there is really a remarkable hard time to hire...
  5. They are not giving out ANY LMO's in Vancouver?
  6. just got LMO today from service Canada Vancouver.

    applied on 25 mAy.
    LMO file number received on 21 June.
    positive lmo received today.
  7. Congrats!

    My company sent the application off on May 14 for mine. Think an answer is coming (positive or negative) because my boss called them up and they were going to call back with details.

    It's been very scrappy overall. When the job was advertised on the job bank, they pulled the original advertisement after only a week which cost us time. Managed to get the 2 weeks and application off just before my 12 month twp ended.

    Currently still working for the company on implied status. My TWP application went off on May 22 and was expecting it to be rejected after the customary 60 day 'holding period' but I make this day 65 and the CIC website doesn't have any rejection.

    Hoping if the positive LMO result is soon I can get the TWP without it being rejected. Fingers crossed :)
  8. the job for lmo i am referring is food counter attendant, the source of hard time approval of lmo/fca for vancouver is an employer who has outlet in vancouver and non-vacouver place in bc. they want tfw/fca for their vancouver outlet for long term and sc canada is advising they can apply but lmo is not guarranteed due to lots of workers available in vancouver.

    im just sharing what i gathered from a source...
  9. Omg!!!!!

    Mmy name was misspelled by one letter! Z became S.

    How will I proceed now for the next step? Should it be corrected First before submitting my application to embassy????

    please advise.
  10. I'd contact Service Canada right away
  11. My employer applied LMO on 8th Oct and I am still waiting to hear back anything from them. They called to check back again on 30th Nov to see where they are :(
    Can anybody help me with current timeline service Canada is having regarding LMO processing in BC.
  12. Hi

    Does anyone have an update on the time line for BC? We applied in Feb and still not heard anything!!

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