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Live-in Caregiver applying for Open Work permit

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by torimori, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone, I am a live-in caregive and planning to apply for PR and an open work permit, but I have no plans of changing employer. Do I still need to submit the HRSDC confirmation number? Please help
  2. I put my confirmation numbers which showing on my lmo,even I am still working for the same employer
  3. Just follow the guidelines on the Kit or if you do it online, better read the guideline first. Another advice, if you have problem better you call the immigration, they're the one who knows to answer your problem.
  4. I have been calling immigration office to guide me but from this forum I got more beneficial replies & mind u people here knows what they're talking about...somebody guided me getting my re-entry visa frm buffalo & I got it right away & advices are right.... just be thankful for suggestions someone gives here otherwise why join the forum?
  5. to hawk0404, why your upset with me? im just trying to tell the reality. Calling the immigration is the best way to do not just by assuming that everything that it said here is correct. I am telling this because i experience that way too, so dont be upset with what i said.
  6. Hi Torimori,

    As far as I know, you can use your HRSDC Confirmation for 4 years. After that, your employer must apply for a new confirmation.

    Good luck :)
  7. Before you will submit your PR/OWP application make sure you still have valid Work Permit otherwise you need to first apply extension with your employer and in doing that you Do Not need a new LMO/HRSDC confirmation number. Read this; all the guidelines applying OWP/PR and even extending your Work PErmit with your current employer.

  8. NOT ALL IMMIGRATION AGENTS HAVE THE SAME ANSWERS. Just like what happened to my cousin that they are both LCP and they said before that my cousin can include her husband and after her husband completed the 24 months he can apply for OWP but he gets refusal letter lately. They should've said that YES she can include her husband but should not be accompanying with her so he can apply PR/OWP when he completed his 24 months. Now my cousin has OWP but his husband gets refusal. Since her husband almost have expired WP then no choice but to apply his own OWP/PR application and PAY again 550+150 so he can still stay in Canada. ANd the said thing about this is that, they can't refund the first fee that they already paid because the application has been opened.
  9. to dwine, im not upset with you, i'm just trying to say that what i got here are correct & i got positive results and there are people here that knows what they are talking about that's why i'm in this forum.

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