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Letter of Acceptance

Discussion in 'International Students' started by poco, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. How long does it take for the school to reply and send a student applicant their letter of acceptance? My friend had sent her application letter to Sheridan College September 5 and was confirmed delivered by the courier on September 8. What is the average time to wait for the prospective international student to receive reply from any school in Canada?

    Please anybody may send in their feedback. Thanks
  2. I think it varies from school to school... I got mine after 4 or 5 months... I had to take some tests and send a demo on video... My advice is that your friend should try to contact Sheridan College (email, phone, etc) and ask them about any news on they acceptance letter... an another advice, as soon as you get the letter, start the application process..

    have a nice day
  3. Thank you, mariogarza for your reply. My friend had received her letter of acceptance last October 8. She sent it to Canadian embassy together with the other required documents October 13. We are praying for the positive reply from Canadian embasssy.
  4. Hi poco,

    I am in an even worse situation than your friend was my school says they have sent my acceptance letter since Sept 12th but i still have not gotten it but they sent me scanned copies pls advise what do i do as my school resumes on the 5th of January.
  5. Hi, biba. I think the embassy will not accept scanned acceptance letter. You need to ask another original copy from the school. This must be attached together with other required documents. Email or call the school for an immediate reply on your request. You may also ask what is their courier so that you check if it is still undelivered by the courier. Goodluck!
  6. Just an update.

    My friend had received a letter from embassy for a medical exam October 23. She is schedule to have her medical exam next week. We are praying that she would pass the medical exam and be able to get the study visa since she has already paid the winter term tuition.

    How long is the average time for the embassy in Manila to reply after submitting medical exam results? Thank you.
  7. Hi poco are you from manila? I am just wondering because i am from manila too and i am also planning to apply for a student visa, maybe if its ok to email me just to get info about the application process here in manila tnx my email add is quintis007@yahoo.com. Anyone here who applied to Ryerson University in toronto? I as well havent recieved any acceptance letter since sending my enrollment 6 weeks ago, anyone who has an idea how long does Ryerson send acceptance letters?
  8. Hi, Turbojetz! i hope you have already received your letter of acceptance from Ryerson University. Yes, my friend applied in Manila. You may open this website to know more on the application process http://geo.international.gc.ca/asia/manila

    My friend just sent her medical results last week November 14. She is now waiting for the reply from the embassy. Anybody here in this forum know how long does it take for her to wait after medical? I know every country has different time lines. What about in the Philippines? Thanks
  9. Hi poco,
    the time that the medical examination finished i think between a week to 3 weeks deponds,i hope eveeything goes well with ya
  10. Thanks F50 for your response.

    It's been 3 weeks since medical result of my friend was submitted but still no reply from Canada embassy in manila.

    Anybody who had already Canada study permit approved in manila? Please share your timeline. Thanks
  11. Hey poco. has your friend gotten a reply from the embassy yet? Can you share with me the timeline? i just got accepted to a school in vancouver and i'm just about to submit my application for a study permit. i'd appreciate a reply, thanks! :)
  12. Hi Kababayan,

    Kumusta application mo for student visa for canada? By the way, I am also in the process of applying for the said visa, I'm glad i chance upon your message here kasi ngayun ko lang nalaman na dapat mag attach pala nalang letter regarding sa purpose ng study mo... Tama ka talaga the infos provided in the manila website is so vague.

    Please give advice naman what steps i need to take...

    Thank you and best regards.

  13. Hi, guys! let me share with you my friend's timeline in applying student visa in the philippines:

    September 5, 2008 -sent application to the college/educational institution
    October 8, 2008 - received letter of acceptance from the educational institution
    October 13, 2008 - submitted application to Canadian embassy
    October 23,2008 - received letter from embassy requesting for medical
    November 14,2008 -submitted medical result
    January 5, 2009 - received letter of approval of study visa

    Hi, loree_2009
    Yes, you need to attach a letter explaining the purpose of your study and bank statements to prove that you can afford to study abroad. Goodluck!
  14. Thanks Poco,

    Currently I am still waiting for my Acceptance Letter from Lethbridge College. Hopefully it won't take much time, I'm afraid i might be short of time na... I am applying for the January 2010 intake, hopefully I can still make it.

    To POCO - I sent u a personal message, hope you received it and can reply soon.

    Best regards!
  15. hi loree,

    i have also applied with niagara college for the january intake. though my chosen field of study is entirely different from my academic and professional background. but i was actually surprised that they were able to send to my acceptance letter within 2 weeks. i applied for a 2-year culinary management course.

    what course are you applying for? is it in line with your previous course?

    i am now in the process of completing the documents to submit the student visa application.

    goodluck and hope you receive your acceptance soon.


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