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Latest NOC 1112 Financial & Investment analyst

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by jiguashu, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. I am practising as corporate finance consultant having duties of financial analysis of ratios,financial statements and finally arrange funding based on analysis to companies.By degree I am chartered Accountant but i am practising in finance only.

    Do i am eligible under NOC 1112 Financial & Investment Analyst?

    Pls.guide me.
  2. If u apply as consultant, u will not succeed

    Apply as financial analyst

    Please follow below thread:-


  3. Mr.Cool , it seems you are expert , plz advise,
    In Jordan we do not have the word "commerce" ,either finance, economics, management, accounting ; i have bachular and master in accounting and my current title is financial analyst ?.
    Do am i eligible to apply under NOC 1112?.
  4. Hi salamqu,

    I think what matters more is your job duties. If it matches what CIC defines for NOC1112 then you should be fine.
  5. Yes, u r eligble dear. Make sure all duties in ur work experience are 80% matching as per CIC (don't copy exactly as per CIC)

  6. I worked as Assistant Financial Analyst for 13 months in a private company and have Bachelor and Masters degree in Economics. Do I qualify for NOC 1112?
  8. You don't have time to think all this

    This NOC will be filled ASAP (300 applications only from 200 countries)

  9. Hello Mr. Cool,

    I have done Series 6, series 7, Series 63 and series 24 from FINRA (USA). I have also done LOMA 280 (also from USA). I am in the brokerage sector for last 8 yrs now. Am I eligible ?
  10. I m not much aware of your course in Finance

    Check below link for details of job profile for NOC 1112

    If ur job title and job role matches, u r eligible to apply


  11. Anyone applied for WES evaluation?

    Kindly provide feedback.
  12. Yes I applied for ECA thru WES. I'm waiting for my evaluation to be mailed back to me. As per their website it says, it'll be completed by May 2nd, so if they mail it out the same day, I should be able to receive it by May4th or 5th.

    Have you applied?
  13. any ACCA or ACMAs from pakistan applying for 1112 ?i wanna know abtthe credentials assessment procedure the opted for
  14. 1112 Financial & Investment analyst- problems with job title

    My job title is 'Assistant Manager-Trade Execution Department'- and I have got 100% match with the job responsibilities required by them. In our country Assistant Manager-Trade Execution Department of small and medium size share and securities broker do all investment analyzing and counseling activities.

    I am a little bit confused as this job title is not listed under 1112. please advise me whether should it be ok to apply as my job responsibilities have a good match.
  15. Hope you are not late to apply , as NOC 1112 is in highly demand


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