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Kidney cleaning before medical

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by mycan, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Dear Friends,

    This info to clense your kidney may help you - specially before taking medical.

    Kidneys are bean-shaped structure located at the rear of the abdominal cavity just below the rib cage, one on each side of the spine.
    The kidneys are a pair of vital organs that perform many functions to keep the blood clean and chemically balanced. Removing wastes and water from the blood, balancing body chemicals, releasing hormones, helping in controlling blood pressure, helping in production of red blood cells and vitamin D are some of the other functions of Kidney.

    Thus Kidney is one of the most vital organs of our body.
    Hence proper care of this vital organ is essential for healthy living.
    Various kidney ailments are quite common now-a-days.
    Even in small cities, where life is not so fast and stressed, there has been a massive rise in kidney diseases in recent years.
    Affinity to junk food is gearing into fast track and pollution is probably the biggest reason for such rise in cases of kidney ailments.

    While filtering the blood by removing salt, poison and other harmful unwanted substances, there accumulates salt and other harmful poisonous substances in the Kidney. This essentially necessitates the need of cleaning the kidneys.

    The process of cleaning the kidneys is quite simple and easy and all the more natural.
    Take a bunch of Coriander (also known as Parsley or Malli or Kothimbir or Dhaniya leaves) and wash it clean.
    Then cut it in small pieces and put it in a pot and pour clean water and boil it for ten minutes.
    Now let it cool down and then filter it and pour in a clean bottle and keep it inside refrigerator.
    Drink one glass daily and you will notice all salt and other accumulated poison coming out of your kidney while urinating and also you will be able to notice the difference which you never felt before.

    Source: http://durgapuradda.com/general-interesting-facts-knowledge/natural-ways-of-cleaning-kidneys.html

    Take care.

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  3. The first signs of kidney malfunctioning manifests as GOUT.
    Visit the link to take action to control.
  4. Desi solution and nice one MyCan:

    10 Steps : Ayurveda for Kidney Cleansing:

    Your kidneys, a pair of bean-shaped organs, work hard to filter blood and remove waste products. A sedentary lifestyle, a diet high in sugar and sodium, insufficient fluid intake and obesity can compromise your kidneys' ability to do their job, and even contribute to the formation of kidney stones, or renal lithiasis--small deposits of crystallized urine. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website, between 240,000 and 720,000 Americans experience kidney stones every year. Many people are turning to ayurvedic healing techniques to cleanse their kidneys and promote health. Ayurvedic healing is a complementary technique and is not intended to replace medical treatment.

    Step 1

    Begin the Purva Karma, or mental and physical preparation, stage three weeks before you intend to cleanse by banishing all stimulants--such as coffee, tea, and caffeine-containing drinks--from your diet. Also cut out sugar and dairy products.

    Step 2
    Continue the Purva Karma phase by switching to a diet of mostly whole grains and vegetables in the week before the cleanse. Eating liberal quantities of khichdi--a dish made of brown rice, beans, vegetables, and spices--is a good way to get a full helping of these healthful ingredients.

    Step 3
    Complete the Purva Karma stage by finding a safe, natural area close to your home in which you feel particularly serene, and taking long walks there. A woods, field, riverbank or beach are all ideal; if you live in an urban area, a green and peaceful city park can work just as well. In addition to walking, practice deep breathing and meditation in your relaxing location.

    Step 4
    Place 2 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of fresh, chopped parseley in a pot, put the lid on, and heat to almost boiling. Let the mixture sit for five minutes, then strain it and drink it when it is cool. Use this parsley tonic the day before you begin your cleanse. According to the Just Cleansing website, parsley detoxifies the kidneys and is beneficial in treating an preventing kidney stones

    Step 5
    Begin your kidney cleanse by mixing 4 stalks of celery, 3 springs of parsley, a cucumber, half a lemon, and 2 cups of water in a blender. Drink the cleansing mixture. For the remainder of the day, drink large quantities of distilled water and apple juice, separately or mixed together. You should strive to drink a gallon each of the water and apple juice.

    Step 6
    Repeat the procedure over the next two days, making and drinking the kidney cleansing mixture and drinking up to a gallon of a day of distilled water and apple juice. The water will help flush toxins from your kidneys, and the apple juice will help to energize you. The kidney cleanse is meant to be a three-day fast for optimum effect, but if you get too hungry or weak, you may eat a light meal of khichdi or fresh fruit.

    Step 7
    Take vitamin and mineral supplements each day of your cleanse, as well as one 100-mg. grapefruit seed extract capsule daily. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website, grapefruit seed extract has antibacterial properties which promote kidney health.

    Step 8
    Make a buchu tea by pouring a cup of boiling water onto 2 teaspoonfuls of buchu leaves and letting it infuse for 10 minutes. Drink this tea the day after you have finished the three-day cleanse. According to the Herbs 2000 website, the ayurvedic herb buchu is rich in flavonoids, and has been used for centuries by the native peoples of South Africa to treat urinary problems.

    Step 9
    Begin the rejuvenation phase of your cleanse on the fourth day by eating a whole grains and vegetables diet for at least a week. Continue the beneficial practices of meditating, walking and deep breathing.

    Step 10
    Repeat the ayurvedic kidney cleanse at least once a year to assist in healthy kidney function.

    (Hows this article's!!!)

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  8. Very interesting, and excellent info. Thanks both of you.
  9. :D Thanks mycan and omm for posting very useful information for every one. It is very simple process with easily available ingredients. Please post if you know any such remedy and easy methods for cholesterol control which would also be helpful to several people.
  10. Thank you wilson.

    The liver is a place that can control the cholesterol level in blood, either by removing cholesterol from blood or by manufacturing cholesterol and releasing it in the blood.

    Although certain amount of cholesterol is essential for human beings, high levels of cholesterol circulation in the blood may lead to atherosclerosis, a serious disease that causes clogging or narrowing of arterial blood vessels.

    Too much of cholesterol in blood, therefore, increases the chances of getting a heart attack or stroke.

    Cholesterol through dietary intake mainly comes from poultry, meat, fish, and dairy products; vegetables and fruits do not contain any cholesterol.

    Here are some of the home remedies you can try to control your cholesterol level.

    Mix 1 teaspoon of roasted chicory root, 1 teaspoon of lime flower, 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds, ½ teaspoon of ginger rhizome, and 250 ml of water. Heat the ingredients till it boils, and drink this concoction after it is cooled down and strained.

    Another infusion that is very effective is that of cinnamon; Boil a cup of water with a couple of cinnamon sticks, add honey to this and drink hot.

    Consuming roasted sunflower seeds is another home remedy for cholesterol control.

    Coriander is yet another effective remedy for cholesterol control. You can soak coriander overnight and drink the water in the morning. Or, you can also boil coriander seeds in water and drink it after cooling down and straining. Drinking coriander water regularly can help lower your blood cholesterol level.

    It is necessary to follow a proper and healthy diet to keep cholesterol level under control. Always eat a fiber rich breakfast consisting of oatmeal, whole grain porridge, and fruits. Eat legumes at meals along with vegetables and salads.

    Garlic is considered to lower cholesterol production in liver, so include garlic in your meals.

    Add foods with high monosaturated fat content (for example, salmon oil, olive oil, almonds, walnuts, avocados) that helps improve cholesterol in your body.

    You can ensure that you when you eat an egg, you avoid eating the egg yolks.

    Do some amount of physical exercise everyday as an active body is less likely to have a high cholesterol level.

    Stay away from foods with saturated fats such as whole milk, clarified butter, coconut oil, red meat, poultry skin, etc.

    You can eat fish at least twice a week instead of other fatty meats like sausages and salami.

    Stick to a dominantly vegetarian diet as far as possible as almost all animal products are likely to increase cholesterol level.

    Drink plenty of orange/lemon juice. Make it healthy by not adding any sugar to the juice.
    This dissolves excess uric acid in the blood.

    It also helps your cholesterol if you cook your food by boiling and steaming rather than by frying.

    Pastries and confectioneries should also be avoided as they are yet another source of saturated fats.
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  14. As per Nephrologists (Kidney specialists) to know the proper functioning of your kidney is to check the color of your urine.

    If you find it yellowish - you need to increase the intake of water and maintain till it becomes colorless.

    Ensuring colorless urine on daily basis will keep the kidney healthy.

    Kidney & Heart are interlinked.

    People who has kidney malfunction may get into heart problems & viceversa

    It is better to have kidney function test once in a year.

    Kidney does not fail in one go. It fails gradually.

    There are many heathy people with one kidney.

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