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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Fa93, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Good luck to both of you :)
  2. Thank you! just wanna know if it is MNL VO or London vo... do u think ur VO is missisauga? but isn't that cpc? when did u submit ur app?
  3. I am not sure though, yes its cpc. I submitted the application end of June. I guess I will know if I get the AOR2
  4. yea ok hopefully you will soon!
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  5. Btw how long did they took to get ur medicals and see when u passed it?
  6. 31-Aug Medical request received, I did the medical on the 02-Sep and MyCIC updated with "Passed" on the 07-Sep.
  7. ohhh so about 5 days eh... that's good :)
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  8. Got SA Today...But no request for SchA or Medical...AOR1 received on 2 Sep.
  9. i got my SA yesterday got med. req. today so yours should be soon
  10. I just got AOR2 its London Visa office
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  11. Hi Everyone.. I am also a July applicant and have received a request to submit Schedule A Background declaration form. New Schedule A form IMM 5669(06-2017) has given name as mandatory field. I have only First Name in the passport ,so I have filled 'Family Name same as my name on passport' and 'Given Name as blank' in all the forms. But I am not able to validate IMM 5669 as Given Name is mandatory, it cant be left blank. Any suggestions???
  12. My passport didn't have the last name either, I wrote "NOT APPLICABLE" in the first name field and also attached an affidavit to explain I did this because of the issue with my passport. My application processed without any issues.
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  13. This has probably been asked but, I uploaded Schedule A on my GCKEY last week, made sure I followed it all the way through, but it still says your action is required under Details. Is that normal? I keep clicking on the application, it says your additional documents were uploaded.
  14. In my case "Your action is required" was gone after a day or so when I uploaded and transmitted all documents. Check if there is any unread message in your profile which may require attention.

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