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Its 12/12/12 and Visa has been approved ....

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Sachin_God, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. congrats. wish you success.... ;D
  2. congrats when did you applied ?
  3. congratz!!!!! ;D
  4. @ Sachin_God

    Congratulations brother..can u tell me whn did u applied and which category?? Its grt news today 12.12.12 you got ur visa..
  5. Congratulations Mate! :D

    You got your visa on an awesome date!
  6. congratssssssssssssss
  7. hiiiiiiiii .
    hotel management graduation b.sc(ihm)%=67.43 completed in may 2012
    overall band score ielts=6 not less than 5.5
    applied for business-marketing in mohawk collage fast track two years.....
    paied one year fees and taken 8lakhs loan.
    four months gap after my gradution.
    no back logs in my graduation....
    applied under spp on nov 30....... what are the chances of getting visa to me
  8. Thanks alot to one and all for your wishes ... :)
    My file reached CHC on 3rd Dec and passport was dispatched on 10th of Dec ,and I received it today ,exactly at 11:52 AM , but I opened it at 12:00 PM
  9. Actually I had applied through Canam Hyd , on 23rd Nov I had filed . My file was passed from Canam Hyd to Canam Chd on 26th Nov ,then they moved my file to CHC through vfs Chd and it reached to CHC on 3rd Dec.

    So My file had experienced a long journey and finally it came back to me with visa on it ... Happy ,after a long wait ..
  10. @ sachin_god

    so you can say u got ur visa on 12/12/12 at 12 pm..!!!

    wow wht a combination!!! grt luck brother..!!! best of luck for your future...!!!

    go go go...canada is waiting for you..!!!

    i m waiting for my results..i applied for the 2nd time...1st time was rejected under SPP...applied on 30th under general category...reached CHC delhi on 3rd...and status shows under processing...i m praying to god dat i get the Visa this time...
  11. Congrats Sachin... :)
  12. Thank you brother ...

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