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inland or outland

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by elyas29, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. i came to canada 1 month ago after they give me visit visa from in jordan for 6months , and i want to fill my sponsor application and i am looking for some advices so what is the first step you guys advice me to do ?
    should i apply inland or outland aplication and whats the differences ?
  2. If you apply inland, then you are expected to remain in Canada throughout the application period. If you apply outland, then you are free to leave Canada.

    Amman visa office is currently posting 19 months processing time (outland) so your total time to process an application would be approximately 22 months (with the current first stage approval time), although each case is unique so your time may be more or less than this.

    If you apply inland, the current processing time is approximately 10 months (for first stage approval) and then 8 months (for completion) for a total time of approximately 18 months. After the first stage, you would be eligible for an open work permit.

    There is a right of appeal (to the IAD) with an outland application. The only recourse for an inland refusal is to the Federal Court of Canada.

    I hope this helps.
  3. Just to add on, if you are in Canada, you need to stay legal. This means you need to keep re-applying for visitor's visa.
  4. With an inland application, one generally files the OWP with the application and this provides implied status while the inland application is in process.

    I'm noticing that first stage processing times for inland applications continue to drop. I just saw an early February 2012 applicant received AIP. The posted time is still 10 months, but it seems to be dropping surprisingly quickly.
  5. thanks very much guys for your help
    i am still confused and dont know what to do , because i have been here for almost 2months as visitor and i think i can apply for extend my visa 6 months more which mean the total ill have (4+6)=10 months if i get the acceptant for extending my visa , but what if i apply inland and the 10 months passed and i have to leave canada , i think my application will be canceled ( refused ) if i leave without i get the first stage approval , or what do you think ?
  6. You can apply to extend your stay each time. The point with an inland application is that unless there is some reason for them to demand you leave, they are supposed to allow you to remain in Canada while the application is being processed. So as long as you don't run into legal trouble, you should be able to renew visitor status. Technically, if you have the OWP application included with an inland application you have legal status anyway ("implied status") until they make a decision. Having valid visitor status just makes it easier on you if anyone questions your status.

    I'm noticing that phase 1 for inland sponsorship is moving faster and faster. Someone yesterday reported getting AIP just 7.5 months after they had applied. In the spring it was taking almost 12 months for AIP, now it's under 8 months, so it is likely you'd have an open work permit within 8-9 months of filing.
  7. with an outland application are you allowed to apply for an OWP? thanks.
  8. by the way, i am still in canada on a trv, so am i allowed to apply for an OWP if i apply outland, or i can only apply for an OWP with an inland app?
  9. No. You do not have the right to apply for an OWP with an outland application.
  10. Often people on TRVs use inland so they can remain together. Note that the inland processing time is now posted at eight months - see http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/perm-fc.asp. This is a drop from 11 months just a few weeks ago. Vegreville seems to finally be seeing some of the improvements that were promised with the switch to GCMS.

    I'm reading cases of people getting AIP at 7-7.5 months, so inland is looking better and better...
  11. once again computergeek, thanks alot for your speedy responses. i really appreciate it. this is going on my 3rd year of trying to fill out these sponsorship forms, so hopefully i will get some where with ur help. plz keep it up

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