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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by tozo, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Sooooooo happy!!!! I checked my email this morning and I got my DM email!!!! I had to read it 3 times, now just have to wait for the Vancouver landing office to contact me!!! Can't believe it's nearly over :)
  2. Wow that's great, congratulations Nataliew83. I can't wait to be in your shoes :D
  3. congrats nataliew83!
  4. Is it possible we may just be able to call or email the call centre to set-up an appointment ourselves with the immigration office in Vancouver? I ask this do to several reasons that would lead me to believe this may indeed be a possibility. To start, tatey had an email (requesting a general timeline) forwarded to the Vancouver office and they unexpectedly called to set-up an appointment. And we received an automated message immediately after emailing them with a note that "If you are requesting an appointment at the local CIC office, we will only respond to your enquiry if it falls within the existing reasons for an appointment"; adding to the speculation. I also thought to have read something elsewhere on the internet about this possibility, but didn't pay much attention to it at the time.
  5. Congrats nataliew83!!! Getting close to the end now!
  6. Congrats nataliew83,

    I have updated your status on timesheet. Quick question. I see day May 14, is that when you got OWP in the mail? Did you submit OWP with applications?

  7. Hi guys! congrats on those who got good news!am still rejoicing over my dm.now am gona check my mail everyday . hopefully etobicoke office will send my mail with landing date week
  8. Hi Screech339
    my landing interview will be at Etobicoke and still waiting for when that will be.
    Do you know how long is waiting for landing interview at Etobicoke?

    ps. sorry, did not check the post until now.
  9. Well lately etobicoke office has been shooting landing letters pretty fast, within 2 weeks. Just have to wait for the letter from the office to confirm actual landing date.


    You will probably be getting a letter from etobicoke sometime this week. The last 2 people to be landing at etobicoke are landing with 28 days after DM.

  10. Hi screech, I received my OWP may 14, I didn't send it with the application. I sent in feb 22.
    Thank you so much for updating the spreadsheet!! :)

    I still can't believe it!! Thank you for all the congratulations and good luck to everyone still waiting!! Here's hoping the Vancouver office don't take too long getting me a landing appointment!!!
  11. Congratulations!!!!
  12. Hi, may I ask what is the email address that you sent before if you dont mind to answer? Or can you please inbox me?! Thanks you so much
  13. It has been 30 days since DM (30 August). Starting to get a little impatient, though I know I shouldn't. Landing in Montreal. Received a letter asking for our RPRF receipt, two PR photos, and for me to verify my information. My response to that letter was received 16 September. Since then, nothing. I'd hoped to hear something by now. Just want to know when it will be OVER. Plus, I'd kind of like to get down to Montreal for a day or two. Mmmmm, ethnic foods!
  14. Omg omg :D :D just got home checked my mail and i ave a interview date for the 18 of october. sooooo happy right now
  15. Congratulations sweetsher! I bet you are super excited.

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