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Inland Application 2011

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by missha, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I thought to start a thread for Inland Immigration Application for the year 2011, so it can be a help for people to talk about immigration updates during the process.

    Let us share the story, explain what you upto during your wait. Also post your current timeline so we can have an idea of each other progress and lets help each others.

    Stay Happy and hopeful! :)
  2. GOOD LUCK to all of you just beginning the process.
    May it be a smooth and easy one.

    I think I speak for all of us in the INLAND 2010 thread when I say we wish you all a tremendous amount of patience, ease, and luck. :-*
  3. You are right but it just got confusing with 2010 and 2011. What will happen next once you sent them the application? When do inlanders get the application tracking number?
  4. Hey everyone,

    Let's keep this thread alive.

    Missha, can you do the updates and the charts?

    Can everyone that has posted inland please give your details?

    I sent my application today but I guess my real date is when they receive it. I will let you guys know when mine is received.
  5. Missha, is March 15 the day that Vegreville recieved it or the day you mailed it out?
  6. I won't be doing the chart for this thread but hopefully someone will. angtao, I will send you the chart code in a PM so you can either do the chart or pass it on to the person that is going to. Update the chart as you see fit. Good luck all and have fun
    Tips: Try to organize the chart in order of earliest date to the latest. Put N/A where no answer was given yet.

    (Currently taking 9-10 months from date app was received to hear by CIC about AIP)

    Name App Received In Process Decision Made Approval In Principle Total Time for AIP PR/LANDED
    missha N/A N/A
    angtao N/A N/A
  7. Application received January 24th :) Let's get this baby rolling!
  8. Alright guys, I will do the chart here. Thanks love_young for posting the chart outline. March 15th was application sent and March 18th they received and signed it.
  9. Thanks missha for taking over the chart duty.

    Welcome fleo.

    My app was sent yesterday so it should get there by Friday or Monday at the latest. I will let you guys know as soon as they receive it.

    Any other inlanders are welcome to join. There cannot be just the 3 of us.
  10. Don't worry angtao more will join. Just be sure to keep the thread high up on the first page so people can see it.
    It will be slow at first but then it picks up. And you got to remember it is still the beginning of 2011 so you got a good while to build up the chart. I will try to help keep an eye on it and encourage others to post here. Good luck 2011 applicants! :-*
  11. Love Young, you are so awesome. I hope only good things come your way. You have been a great help :)
  12. Aww you're a sweetheart. Thank you so much!
    I wish all the same to you and your family.

    P.S. I am so glad to know I am good at helping, I do try. ;)
  13. Hi everyone,

    This forum has been very helpful, loads of information and advice. Me and my spouse is in the process of preparing our papers for inland application, im gonna be scheduling myself for a medical exam next week, i have a few questions and hope someone can enlighten me, thanks in advance.

    1. Photos - is it PR size or passport size? the cic site says 5 pcs. and there is a specific requirement for applications from Philippines, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka that we are to bring the photo negatives with us. I called up the doctors office and they said they only need 3 and no negatives, anyone ever encountered this? it is quite hard to find someone in Vancouver who can provide negatives

    2. Med Exam - since i have no record number or whatever, will the results be given to me or to Vegreville? what proof of medical examination will I include in my sponsorship papers submission?

    Thanks to all

  14. 1) yes, you do not need to send negatives. You are applying inland application, i believe, if it were to outland then you have to attach negative but double check this by calling CIC call agent. That will give more confidence. I didnt send negatives.

    2) Yes, after getting medical done, you will be given a copy of medical which you have to attach to your immigration package to show that you have done medical. Doctor will also send the medical directly to CIC.

    hope that helps.
  15. Hi all!!!!
    At least there's 4 of us now.
    We just mailed our package (4 pounds worth of paper and pictures!).
    This forum helped me a lot through the whole process, now I guess we just have to wait.
    I'll tell you that my case could be called plain and simple. No children involved, 13 years working for the same company (I sent all the T4's, option "C", letter of employment...), no criminal record, we paid the full package, medical done, police from back home and Canada done... pictures, letters, emails, chats, facebook, rental, life insurance...

    Oh well! I'll keep you posted, and this will be my home page from now on!

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