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Immigration Photos (Appendix B of Country Specific) with Duppata / Hijab

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by DU, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. I went to the photographer and showed him the Appendix B of Country Specific Instructions for immigration photos. He asked me to take off the Duppata / Hijab for these photos whereas the instructions described in the Appendix B of Country Specific instructions does not say anything about this. The full front view is the complete face of a person which should include forehead, complete face and neck. It may contain ears if stated. I am, therefore, confused about this. Should these photos be without wearing Duppata / Hijab on the head? If Duppata / Hijab covers only the head and does not hide any front features including the ears of a person, will that fulfill the immigration requirements? Please clarify.

    Your immediate response will be highly appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Lahore - Pakistan
  2. The path of least resistance with Immmigration would be to take it off. Up to you to balance the conflicting factors.
  3. thats bullsh*t, do NOT take off your hijab for the photos. There is nothing that says you have to take off the Hijab and every girl that wears a hijab that I know has ALL official document pictures wearing her hijab (passport/id/etc). My wife never took off the hijab for the sponsorship photos, nor the passport photos. and I just got a passport request letter recently. As long as you can see your FACE in the pictures, you are fine. the photographer probably just wanted to see you without one (if it was a guy).
  4. Thank you for both of you. But interesting thing is that the official guide is silent about this. If anyone who actually landed in Canada, please comment about this because I heard that this became a problem even after landing. appreciated.
  5. Canada gives you RIGHTS, it is your right to follow whatever religion you want. if that means you cant take off your hijab in front of men, then they respect that. A lot of my friends and family friends immigrated to canada and none of them had to take off their hijabs for pictures before or after landing. if when landing for whatever reason they need to see you without a hijab, they can simply have a female officer see you alone.

  6. AOA DU

    I have a file named " VISA OFFICE PHOTOSPECS - CIC " (in pdf format that you can also download from CIC website or I can send it to you if you need )which shows by the help of photos that you cannot cover your face with Hijab and it should be open but u can take Hijab and have a picture. Al-Abeed is absolutely right and the Photographer as well as Toby on the forum are incorrect as the above document does not says to take your Hijab off - it may be the personal wish of the above mentioned persons and other similar persons. Anywhere in the world you DO have your right to chose or not to chose Hijab.


    Don't Listen to such people and do boldly whatever is right and correct.

    I read it in my school & it says " Do The Right , Fear No Man "

    Always Hopeful

    Hopeful Canadian
  7. Thank you toby, Al.Abed and Hopeful Canadian for the responses. I have reviewed the VISA OFFICE PHOTOSPECS - CIC document available on the Canadian official website and clearly got the answer. Hijab is allowed but with face-cover is not acceptable. Ideally this pdf version should be included in the Appendix B of Country Specific Instructions for immigration photos.
    Special thanks to Hopeful Canadian for the encouragement. Please remember me in your duas / good wishes.
    Best regards,
  8. Sorry to bother you again but just realized that VISA OFFICE PHOTOSPECS - CIC document is for VISA photos and not for immigration Photos. In Appendix B it is clearly stated that immigration photos are different. Confused again.......
  9. @ DU

    Well it does say VISA Photospecs-CIC but VISA of what Kind?

    In my opinion itis for all types of visa's as the Immigrant or PR Visa is of course another visa. If this was for visa only ( I expect you mean TRV or Visit visa ) then there should have been separate visa photo specs for every kind of it. There cant be multiple photospecs for a very well organized country like Canada.

    So conclusively I believe that this document is for every type of visa concerning CIC.

    I request PMM to give his remarks to sum up this info debate and update all of us as he is more informed than we are.

    Hope it helps.

    Always Hopeful

    Hopeful Canadian
  10. @ Hopeful Canadian

    You are right. But please have a look at the following two different measurement requrirements for immigration and visa photos:

    Appendix B: Photo Specifications (For Family Class immigration)
    measure between 25 mm and 35 mm (1” and 1 3/8”) from chin to crown;
    have a 35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8” x 1 3/4”) finished size

    Min. Frame Height 45 mm (1 3/4”)
    Min. Frame Width 35 mm (1 3/8”)
    Min. Face Height 31 mm (1 1/4”)
    Max. Face Height 36 mm (1 7/16”)
  11. no need to take off hijab I am a canadian citizen now applying to sponsor my husband before coming to canada as an immigrant i applied and never took off my hidjab in the picture and they were accepted and everything gone well. all what you have to do is to be specific about the measurements instructions of the photos as it is required even if your ears are covered no problem my ears were full covered just face was shown even on my canadian passport i'm wearing hidjab :) wish you all the best sister salam alaikoume.
  12. Difference of maybe 1-3 mm ? does it matters so much?

    I dont think so.

    Always Hopeful

    Hopeful Canadian
  13. Thank you Knaeem and Hopeful Canadian for the help. Got the answer and I am closing this issue. Many thanks.

    @Knaeem can I get in touch with you if i need any help for my immigration process. May Allah bless you.
  14. hello i am new to this forum and it apears to be very helpfull, i dnt know where to post my question so i just posted it here . i jst recieved the documents for medical examination which required some photos including their negative , i know all the specs for photo but wat i dnt know is that is it fine if my ears are nt apearing completely nd part of it is covered by my hairs ...

    I hav to send the documents in short time so ny quick response will be most apreciated... Thanks

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