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IELTS validity expiration starts from the date of application of CIO or CHC

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by goodguy_inau, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Hi guys. Very soon my IELTS is going to expire. It was valid during the application to CIO. I have got reply from CIO regarding the full documents submission. Now its not possible for me to submit all documents prior to the IELTS one year of expiry. So when actually IELTS expires, is it one year the date from CIO or one year the date I applied to CHC. Please help

  2. IELTS one year validity period starts from the IELTS Test Date. This date is writen on IETLS Certificate.

  3. is it one year the date from CIO and not CHC that's what all experts on this forum have told me. I ma too on the same boat as u are so do not worry....
  4. 2 years for your case if already submitted to Canadian High Commission. One year is for the purpose of university admissions.

  5. Its validity is written on the certificate and I think its 1 year which CHC follows from the date written on the certificate.
  6. I m in the same boat like u.

    Somebody told the validity starts from cio and somebody said it is from CHC

    Which is correct????i donot know..

    That is why,,,i m planning to retake the exam very soon and send the full docs asap.

    Is there anyone who has sent full docs with invalid ielts???????????

    Thanks all........
  7. Hi

    1. CIO from www.cic.gc.ca

    "Submit your language test results with your other supporting documents. ................... If you take the language test within one year of submitting your simplified application, the results remain valid and will be accepted as supporting documentation by the visa office."

  8. Hi PMM

    It means that validity will counted from the period we submit our documents to CIO.

    So there is no need to give IELTS again.

  9. Its not required to retake the test again as the test results are valid from the date when you submit your application to CIO.
    So even if 1 year is passed the results are still valid.
  10. Thanks members for all info.
  11. yep, the lock in date is when they receive it at CIO.
    as stated in OP 6 FSW Program "The application should be date stamped upon receipt. Please note however, the application received date in CAIPS will remain as entered at the CIO. This date will also serve as the lock-in date."
  12. Good-guy,

    I have read thoroughly OP6 Manuel

    ''Once it is found that the applicant satisfy the ministerial instructions, the CIO will record this assessment in CAIPS and the electronic file will be transferred to visa office''.

    ''The application should be date stamped upon receipt. Pls note however, the application received date in CAIPS will remain as entered at the CIO. This date also serve as the lock-in-date''.

    All sr members,,,,pls suggest finally to me and others who r in the same boat...........

    Thanks all.......
  13. Ripon-243 have you book your IELTS or going with the old one. Plz reply.
  14. Here are my details on IELTS dates

    1. Wrote IELTS on 27th July 2009 and Certificate was issued on this date
    2. Applied to CIO on 7th December 2009
    3.Receied AOR from CIO on Feb 02 2010 and last date to submit full docs to CHC is 02 June 2010.
    4. IELTS expires on on 27th July 2010.

    Is there any point of time when CHC will ask me to write IELTS again, because while my file is in Process the IELTS expires. Can someone throw lights on this.

    Thanks in advacne

  15. Hi

    No, you IELTS was valid when you application was submitted to CIO Sydney, so it is valid for the processing.


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