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IELTS Req for Canadian Study Visa.

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ORBIT-FALCON, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Dear Friends,

    I friend of mine got Admission in Stouffville College, Toronto, Canada without IELTS.....I am confused that how he will get Study Visa without IELTS ? According to him there is no req of College.....Is anyone here who got Study Visa for Canada without IELTS in ACCA or in any other program in that perticular College or any other College ??

    Please help..... Sad

    I have done B.COM from Punjab University, and willing to get admission in ACCA in Canada.......

  2. Hello Bro......As far as i know....IELTS is considered as oneof the most important documents the VO looks for.....Even the college doesn't need the ielts....its mandatory to submit your ielts score card while filing for your visa....Yet am not sure about the case you have mentioned here....Seniors might be able to help you
  3. IELTS is not a requirement of CHC. but for the smooth processing you need to show english proficiency. you might face this ques while filling your form

    If your course of study includes English as a second language (ESL) component, please explain how long it will take to complete English as a second language (ESL) requirement and how much it will cost.

    good score in IELTS to answer this question. And it will also convince the VO that you will have neither any problem with studying your course nor communicating with people in CANADA..... As a result, it will reduce the chance of Visa refusal.

    you have completed B COM,what is your major???? you should choose the proposed study carefully....study mismatch is a common ground of visa refusal.

    Not discouraging you.... :) ....just trying to state the fact....
    if you give detail info of your case then i think we all will be able to help you with your processing
  4. For Pakistan ielts is not mandatory, if ur college or university waive it there is no need to give ielts.
  5. There is a possibility that you can get the admission without IELTS if the language of instruction at your previous institute is English.
    I also got admission without IELTS at McMaster. A friend of mine got admission in UoA without IELTS and then he got VISA without IELTS as well. But to be on safe side I have given IELTS for VISA purpose.

    cheers! :) :)
  6. In India it is mandatory to complete an IELTS, but I guess if your from other country than you can do TOEFL too, But Canadian officers do prefer IELTS score because its more easy to verify.....I think your friend was really lucky, I mean you can file an application without IELTS too but to make your case more strong, I think you should go for IELTS..

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