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IELTS / CLB Conversion

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by davidnhnd, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I had my IELTS test and here is my score.

    Writing : 5.5
    Reading: 6.5
    Speaking: 6.5
    Listening: 7.5

    Could you please let me know the CLB of this score?
    Can I proceed in FSWP?

  2. Hi David
    all the component should have atleast 6, but your writing is 5.5, its better to retake to acheive minimum 6 in each component.
  3. 6 in each is must dear as ashokp3 already cleard about that..
  4. Ohhh i was under wroung impression that ielts 7= Clb 7.
  5. :) 6 in each module is equal to clb level 7.
  6. Am I eligible? Here are My & Wife scores are

    Writing: 6
    Reading: 5.5
    Listening: 6
    Speaking: 7

    Writing: 6
    Reading: 7
    Listening: 6.5
    Speaking: 6.5

  7. sorry dear u have to retake the test.. 6 in each module is must..
  8. If you are applying as dependant, and your wife as prim applicant...... I think its fine. But if you want yourself to be the prim applicant you need to retake to get atleast 6 in each component.
  9. Will my Experience & other factors can't fill the gap? Is IELTS with 6 bands each the mandatory requirement to start with?

    I had a discussion with an Agent & he said my scores are fine & I can apply for Qubec region.

    Any alternatives that you all suggest here?
  10. fr quebec..u must need to score in french.. nd fr federal skilled worker, 6 in each is must..
  11. Is French an necessity? As per my Agent there's an option to showcase that I don't know the language. Also, IELTS score that I have will meet the criteria for Qubec application?
  12. @Ashok - If my wife becomes a primary applicant does that mean she need to fill the Immigration criteria for Citizenship or can I take the lead in filling that requirement being Dependent?
  13. Folks, check this out for partial clarity -


    Best Regards
  14. yes dear..fench is must for quebac immigration.. no other option..
    and if u wife have qualification accordibg to noc ..she can be primary applicant.. but if u want to apply as principle applicant..u must score 6 in each module..
  15. Already answered by Mr Gill.
    If your wife qualify under one of the NOC she can be primary applicant and she need to submit the application, you will be dependant.
    Believe that ur doubt cleared.

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