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ielts answer sheet

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Hasni, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Do we need to know our native language code, that should be written on the ielts answer sheet.secondly, are we supposed to fill in the answer sheet details (name, center number, date, etc) within the prescribed test time of each comprehension, ie within given 10 minutes in case of listening and within the 60 minutes of reading.
    thirdly, in listening / reading, do they give question papers for all the sections one time or give it separately for each section.
    please clarify, thanks
  2. You will be given extra time to fill up supplied form and an instructor will guide you.
    For listening and reading, you will be given extra sheet for reply.
    Best of luck
  3. dear ziaul,
    thanks for the info but a major portion of my querry is still unanswered.i will appreciate if someone could be kind enough as tommorrow i have to sit in exam.thanks
  4. Hi!

    1) Your lanuage code will be written on your table where you sit for exam.

    2) You will fill all the details before the start of each test part so this time will not be included in the actual time given to perform the test.

    3) Seperate question papers are given for listening / reading / writing. All question papers are given seperately and one by one. When listening part finishes only after that question papers for reading part are given and when that part finishes then question papers for writing parts are given.However answer sheet for listening and reading is the same (Listening is on front while reading is on back) but answer sheet for writing part is given seperately.
  5. pittabread, pretty much clear now, one last thing about the question papers for listening or reading
    -do we get question papers of all the sections at one time, i mean like i have finished first section of listening and is it possible that i start looking at the questions for the second section quickly before the section actually starts, i dont want to check the answers that i have done in the given half minute for them rather would like to spend that time to read and understand the questions of the section 2.i think you understood what i mean, can we do that!!
  6. Question paper for one complete section like listening is given together. You can look at section 2 of listening part if you have finished section 1 .

  7. thanks a lot pittabread,
  8. Hi Hasni,
    They provide the answer sheet one two sided for both listening and reading and will tell you before the start of the test how to fill the sheet first for listening and at the end of listening test they will give you extra 10 minutes to transfer listening answers,

    for the reading filling the form is the same you fill it before the test which is the other side of the same form but they do not provide extra time to transfer the answers that means you have to transfer the reading answers with in the 60 minutes time and I suggest you transfer the answers direct to you answer sheet one by one.
    I hope it helps.
  9. thanks wicky, i am already done with the test and it went well.thansk for the help anyhow.
  10. How was the test dude? What band you expecting? What about speaking test?
  11. Guys is there a break inbetween the test or its continued for 2 hours 40 minutes........ what if you need a break????????
  12. I had my test yesterday. There is no break in between the test. however you can for toilet break whent the test starts at ur own peril..you won't get the time back. the 40 mins for the listening comes very quickly before you know it. and so is the 1hr for the reading and 1hr for the writing. we had snacks after the test which, was a bit surprise to me. If you should watch out for any of the catergories..it is the listening part that be challenging...Good luck!!
  13. @ pittabread
    it ws quite good, but honetly speaking noone can claim for any definite band before he gets the result in his hand.This i understood from my practice tests, many a tests i did expecting around 32 to 35 marks but when cpmared the answers, it came out around 25 to 27. Like wise i did few practice tets expecting quite low marks but got 38 in one of the, the max ever in my practice sessions.so lets hope for the best but i felt reading part a bit tough, last section specially. Coming thursday is speaking, let us have few tips about speaking :)
  14. Ok dude wish you very best of luck. Regarding speaking if you are not used to talking English then you need to practice a lot. You must watch youtube videos where you will see in reality how this test takes place. Sit infront of mirror and watch yourself talking. This will give you a confidence and also you can find out your mistakes. Give yourself a topic and speak for about 2 to 3 minutes. Try to speak fluently and continously. Try not to loose your confidence. You can choose any topic of your choice.

    In start introduction takes place. They will ask your name, where you from, your job / school and some more general questions. Then you will be given a topic to speak about 2 to 3 minutes then some questions from the topic.

    Good luck and do tell us after your results what band you got?

  15. thanks pittabread, sure i would let you know the outcome.

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