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IDP vs. British Council

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by sbo, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Is there a difference in taking the test at the IDP testing center or British Council testing center in terms of difficulty or scoring?
    Please share your experience. I have read some posts where people have claimed IDP as an easier testing center. I doubt it, that it makes a difference of where you take the test. Please confirm and provide feedback.

    Thanks :)
  2. Procedures are same no differences in taking exam. It is globally the same no matter who is conducting the exam either BC or IDP.

    Well, we all know IELTS is governing the University of Cambridge, British council and IDP. Exams are conducting by British council and IDP, in some country both are conducting.

    If I talking about the module wise then we found Listening and Reading are noticeable where the instruction provided to the examiner which answer is correct and which is incorrect.

    Other two modules is writing and speaking. Here the examiners who do the marking of Writing and Speaking. It may happen in these two modules some examiner giving flattering marks others are not.
  3. Thanks sreja...any other feedback members??
  4. I do not think there is any difference.You can take the exam anywhere.
  5. hi ,
    i have also heard that candidates appearing from IDP doing well.
  6. Really? Do we have anyone here who has appeared for the test at both places and noticed any difference??
  7. Yes it is true that IDP Listening is easier compared to the British Council. I did not believe that when someone told me. But when I went through the exam papers my goodness I have noticed the truth. Why is that?

    The difference you will find between question 28-40 in the listening module. The last part of listening in British Council's exam paper is quite difficult vis-a-vis IELTS IDP.

    Although, I took the exam of British Council. However, I would like to suggest you take the IELTS IDP if you have got centre in your place.
  8. On my opinion, it does not matter on where you will take the exam, the most important thing is your preparation, confidence and believing in yourself.

    The more you review the more your chances of getting the high mark.

  9. IETLS - I've taken the exam 3 times, in 3 different countries and let me tell you it is the same everywhere. It is an standardized exam and they (IDP and BC) have the same question bank. For me, it only got easier with practice, practice and practice. and a lot more of practice.

    God bless you when it's your turn to take it. :D
  10. Thank you everyone for your comments and support. Last night I registered through BC for August 5th. Hope I'll do well.
  11. Best of luck, Hope you will get your desire band.
  12. Thanks sreja! I hope so too
  13. Of course you can do it! God bless :)
  14. hi...
    I dont think there is any difference between british council IELTS and IDP IELTS.

    So relax and prepare

  15. all my best wishes are with u !!!!!!!!!!!!

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