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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by ipog, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Hi Reddy - Welcome Aboard!!!
  2. Hi ipog,

    Not having canadian exp was a big lack for me in the beginning.
    I called up so many consultancies, attended interviews....
    i mean, it all depends on luck as well........

    But hard work and continous trials fetched me a permanent job in a prestigious org in my stream itself woithout shifting to any otehr area(remember getting a permanent job offer without a PR is difficult).

    So...........The Price of Success is Dedication,Hard Work adn Unremitting devotion to the things that you want to see happen is very true in my case.
  3. Hi Aditya,

    Nice to know you on this forum of "Hyderabadi's"

  4. Hi,

    I am also from Hyderabad, applied under NOC 4131.
  5. Hi - When did you apply and did you receive any reply.
    I have also applied and got my first reply. Now I am in the second stage.
    Where are you located in Hyd.
  6. Nitma - I have applied for PR and I have cleared the first stage. Now I am onto the second stage.
    I have applied in the 0111 category.

    Your note on getting a job is quite encouraging. I am just keeping my fingers crossed when it comes to getting a job.
  7. Hai!AP members,
    Welcome to those who have already landed and to those who r preparing to land. I came in July still looking for Job in IT. Living in mississuga.
  8. Hi Ashaik,

    Welcome to Toronto.You can find the details of the consultancies and their mail id's and send in your resume to them.

    Hope this helps you to have some sort of progress very soon....
  9. To all Hyd ppl

    We are 4rm hyderabad .. recently received our PPR going for staming to chc - london on 28/10/2010 planning to land in jan along with my wife .Wish all hyd's good luck

  10. Hi!Nitma,
    Thank u very much for the link. yeppudu canadian experience vastundo job yeppudu vastundo daevudu kae taelusu.
  11. Hi eveyone. I am also from Hyderabad, but presently working in Kuwait.
    Already applied for PR under FSW - 1233 (Insurance)
    All complete documents reached CIO on 07.10.2011
    Still a long time to go before any results !!!
  12. main b hyderabadi hoon :)
  13. Hi All,

    Me too Hyderabadi. Waiting for Inprocess. :)

  14. I'm also from Hyd! status RBVO since Jun'11
  15. Hi Friends
    I am Pavan Kinnera from Hyderabad. I am in process stage now under NOC 1122.... Waiting for MR......

    Thanks and Regards

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