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humber college visa success rate ???

Discussion in 'International Students' started by theamandeep, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. I am starting this thread to see , How many us got admission in humber and successfully got visa too on its LOA.
    I know only college is not responsible for visa or refusal,whole profile matters.
    So, plz humbarrians join here and put your profile and the result of visa application.

  2. Got mine! Web Development.
  3. Oops... forgot to post profile: http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/got-spp-visa-without-extra-documents-t112234.0.html
  4. congrats world.citizen,

    best of luck for the journey, lets see who's next ???
  5. got visa!! supply chain management :)
  6. i got mine..... Information Technology Solutions...
  7. ashish and jathin plz share your profile.
  8. since my application was denied in centennial..

    im planning to take also information technology solutions, but for Jan 2013.

    i already emailed the program coordinator, he said i can get into this program.
  9. my room mate had applied for study permit on humbar , he's Pakistani but he applied from here ( London, UK) but he was denied on the ground that u wouldn't come back!! just for that reason i dont know more, sorry.

    but best of luck to u :)
  10. I got mine in Wireless Telecommunicaitons in Humber. Visa approved in two weeks. Earlier my PR was rejected back in 2007.
  11. congrats !!! hope to see you in humber (jan 2013)
  12. I got mine too for Wireless Telecommunications at Humber dat too in just 1 week...
  13. Applied on 4th July... waiting for reply. 3D Animation Art and Design, Humber North campus, Fall intake.....

    Application is under process (general category) from 5th July... Can anybody tell, how long its take time for the processing...
  14. what happnd with ur work permit thing.....?
  15. ^
    what work permit?

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