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How to sponsor my son in the philippines

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Billybong, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. I have a 2yr old son in the philippines, can i sponsor him and how?

  2. Whats your status..I mean r u Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen ?
  3. Im a permanent resident.
  4. Yes, you can sponsor him.. the forms are here:

    I read your other posts, are you still thinking of applying conjugal with your spouse? You might want to submit the forms all together.
  5. Can i apply for conjugal, i dont know anything about sponsorship. Whats the requirement for conjugal?

    Thanks again
  6. Conjugal is for couples who can't marry each other and haven't been able to live one year common-law due to certain barriers. It's often used for couples from the Philippines where one person can't divorce (because as you know the Philippines is the only remaining country in the world that doesn't allow divorce)
    It's the hardest category to prove, and should be used only at last resort.. if you are at all able to marry or live common-law you should do that.
    If you have a strong relationship history and proof that you can't marry then you have a chance at Conjugal.
    However - were you living with her before you came to Canada? If so, and you didn't declare her on your application, chances are you won't be able to sponsor her.

  7. I just met her in the philippines when i was in vacation. After that i was in the philippines every 6 months. Now we have a child and it looks like the annulment case is getting no where, its been 2yrs now. You think we have a case for conjugal, because its really hard to be away from my son.

  8. For conjugal, the couple has to have what would look like a marriage, without actually being married. For example, they have to have joined their financial affairs as much as possible, they have to appear as close as a married couple would, their lives have to joined to the extent possible, and others have to see them as a couple. All of this has to have lasted for at least one year.
    You will also have to show why you cannot marry (since you are having trouble with the annulment in the Philippines, this part should be OK) and why you cannot live together for one year to become common-law. Not wanting to give up a job or schooling is not considered an adequate reason by CIC for not wanting to live together. Some couples have used prove they were unable to get visas to live in the other's country as evidence for this.
  9. Hi Billybong, did you think any further about applying as Conjugal partners?

    I just received my GCMS notes last week and I saw that they have approved my partner and I as conjugal partners. I included proof that the annulment was going nowhere, and also proof of the problems caused by his ex-wife in regards to the two of us being together.

    When I read my file notes I could see that proof of these two things were absolutely key. They referenced the rocky annulment procedure, backed up by a few lawsuits and troubles caused by her, and determined that we had proven that we couldn't be annulled. That, combined my trips there and our rented house together really worked in our favour. We were pretty much approved as Conjugal right away.. it seems like three officers had to review it over the course of a few weeks, but it was really not a lot of time from the point they opened our file. Now we're just waiting on medical exam results for Decision Made. Fingers crossed!

    I really think us Conjugal applicants from the Philippines stand a chance.. so I just wanted to step in an encourage you :D I think the fact you have a child together is great proof. By the way, they never asked us about living common law. I'm not Filipino so I believe it's not an issue in our case.
  10. Congrats, Steph!
  11. Thanks! When I started applying as Conjugal I received so much discouragement.. it took me a year to make my application and I was nervous the whole wait.

    I just hope people can learn from the examples around here that Conjugal applicants from the Philippines stand a good chance with the right documentation.

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