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HOW TO MAKE PAYMENT? No cheque, bank draft, money order options

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by malikus, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Hi, I am wandering about the application processing fees. In the country of my residence, there are no any of the requested payment options (no certified cheques, no bank drafts, no money orders), the only options are bank transfer and money transfer (aka Western Union).

    So I am in question how to go about this. What options are available to me?

    One option I was thinking of is: I send my application package to my relatives in the USA, who make a money order on my behalf, then they enclose the cheque into the package and post to Nova Skotia. Will this option work?

    Can anyone advise please?
  2. Your relatives sending from the US can work.

    Youneed to go to a bank in your country and ask how do people buy something using a checque from overseas. There must be a way, unless you are from somewhere like Zimbabwe because government doesn't want to loose foreign currency.
  3. Hi rupeshari, thank you for the response (you were in fact the one from whom I was expecting the answer :)

    I live somewhere much like Zimbabwe, I called up the major banks and they all say they don't work with cheques. The only option is American Express Traveler's cheques which some banks accept.

    Are Traveler's cheques ok to pay for fees? So if I enclose a Traveler's cheque for that amount, would that work?

    Thank you.
  4. In theory they should work, but in practice, i have no idea. Maybe you can phone your visa office and ask them.
  5. Hi

    Just so you know most if not all overseas office's don't accept phone calls.


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