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How to check that visa is genuine or fake

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by just123, Apr 9, 2012.

    my friend got visa though an agent.it took 9 months for processing time.he hasn't gone through medical or interview.Agent just sent him email a scan of visa
    asking for money upfront.Now we r not sure visa is genuine or fake.His VO is New Delhi.on visa lable visa sub class is written "working" instead of "worker" which makes us very suspicious. so pls come up with ur suggestion. pls seniors help me.
  2. Hi

    No medical, No interview, fake.
  3. how much does it take to get Work permit from New delhi
  4. Not necessarily fake. You see, I was called by an agency from Canada saying they have an open LMO and could employ me, blah blah all genuine all okay but were asking for a lot of money, which I didn't(don't :D ) have.. Not saying your offer is genuine or not, just saying what happened to me. Hope this helps.
  5. Sorry but no Medical and Interview means fake?

    I haven't had my medical and my employer and I only communicate via email meaning no interview. Contract was sent and LMO was processed under my name. After 14 weeks it was approved. All these before I saw my LMO I was skeptical until I see the named LMO for me. Visa was processed by me here in the embassy in the country I'm working and got it approved.

    I think if they issue you a visa without you assisting in applying ( no docs asked from the applicant ) and the red flag... asking money it can be fake.

    Sorry just my 2 cents.
  6. thanx man
    which was ur VO anyway?
  7. How can we check canada visa is genuine or fake
  8. Agent give me a stamp passport copies.and depandind upfront 30 lakh.he is provide visitor visa in 10 days.they are attach all docs under his own knowledge.plz hepl
  9. Scam.
  10. run for your dear life...it looks very suspicious

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