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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by forjc123, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Is anyone planning to migrate in Canada and practice as a registered nurse? What are the steps needed to do? Is it hard to practice as a nurse in Ontario specifically?

    Please give your ideas.

  2. ok two things first of all they do not accept RN's with a ADN and they have a very good site http://www.cno.org/. You can either call them or email them requesting the application package http://www.cno.org/for/intl_apps.htm that is the link for internationally educated applicants. I called them and asked they told me that they would evaluate my credits and then decide if I need to take extra classes to meet their requeriments. Anyway let me know if you need anything
  3. tnx tgurl. anyways you mentioned about RN's with ADN, what do u mean by that? Also, did CNO already evaluated your credentials? Actually i have a pending skilled worker application in canada with 3 more years of waiting time, but i'm studying nursing as my second bachelor's degree and im expecting to graduate after 3 yrs. I dont know if it easy to practice as a nurse but im taking chances since nurses are everywhere so i can go everywhere after finishing it.

    Pls advise.

  4. Sorry I didn't explain further. I'm from Florida and actually in the U.S. you can be a Registered Nurse by getting an Associate Degree in Nursing and of course taking the NCLEX (the certification test). The difference in Canada is that they won’t accept RN's with that kind of degree you have to have a bachelors. As far as the evaluation I have not done it yet, but I did request the packet. They'll evaluate your credits regardless if you have a bachelor's or not. In my case I have half of a bachelor's (I had to stop b/c of financial reasons) so I took a cheaper option the ADN. Hopefully when they evaluate my credits I'll have enough to satisfy their requirements if not they'll have me take what they feel I'm missing. In Canada they have RPN's which is the equivalent of LPN's in the U.S. I believe that if you don’t satisfy the RN requirement right the way you should be able to take the certification test for RPN's and have that while you finish the requirements for RN.
    Now I have researched the job market as far as RN's there are plenty of jobs AND there are PNP options open in different provinces.
    I hope this helps
  5. hi,

    tnx for your clarification, hope your plans will be in your advantage. just to inform you, im finishing a bachelors degree in nursing but its kinda weird coz im already in my late 20's and im studying full time.

    pls keep in touch of any development in your plans.

    til next time

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