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How to apply for a job in canada

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by gayle, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I'm just wondering if you can give us info on how to apply for a job in Canada. We both have IT background. Is there a demand for IT there? Thank you for your help.
  2. You can go on the internet and place your c.v on there. As for IT..I can't answer that as I don't know. You could also if you have friends or family who work in a field you do, then maybe they could submit your c.v. at their work place and get a job offer.

    Have you done your equivalance in canada? It would be wise to do it as it would tell you what kinds of jobs you would be able to do and if you have to get more credits to be up to canadian standards.

    It costs I believe 100-125$ to get it done and its money well spent. Just send copies, stamped by a notary public..no need to send originals to get an equivalance.
  3. Hi Dancingfeather,

    Can please tell me the website that do the equivalence? Were not yet in Canada and we only submitted our application last year. But we are hoping to get a job as this would help our skilled application.

    Thank you.
  4. :) There is monster. com , joboom.com,
    and Canadian income tax tips to save money on www.truefinancialhelp.com

    I am sure there are others, I will search and see but you can go through these for now.where are u from?

    Hope this helps...
  5. Thank you. Will search the jobsites. I'm currently using monster.com but i have noticed that they prefer people who are already in Canada.

    We are from the Philippines and were hoping to get a job from here. The Canadian Embassy just recently updated their website and the procesing time now is 60 months here. Thats too long that's why were looking for ways to lessen the processing time.

    Thanks again.
  6. There is no easy way to lessen the time period, but in the meantime have you already begun your application? If you havent, do so, and continue looking for a employeur who would be willing to sign for you, then it will shorten the time period..BUT..you will have probably more chances of getting your PR before finding an employer who would be willing to do so as he has to prove without a doubt that there is no Canadian that can do the job. He also has to make the expense of putting an ad in the newpaper etc.

    Not many employers are willing to do so unless they cannot find someone in their area. So I would arm myself with patience. If you fill out your application very well and make no mistakes you will have more of a chance ..
    also...Send original birth and marriage certificates, if you own property etc..do write down what you have and the value. Send in a letter from your bank saying how much money you have in the bank to confirm what you write in your application. The more money you show the more you are appealing.

    Pay all the immigration fees at once..this will shorten the time period because they don't have to write to you, to tell you to now send this amount and then now send this amount. You will save months if you pay all the fees. If u r rejected they will send u back your money less the initial fee to examin your application. You have all to gain by paying the whole amount. Don't send 500$, then 300$ then 975$ ... add up in the application the total amount it costs and send it.. you will save at least 6 months of waiting.

    Make sure you keep a photocopy of your application..check it 10 times to make sure you have not missed even dotting an ( i). Mistakes cost time.

    Follow the instructions to the letter. Make sure all copies are stamped by a notary publique.

    Also send a copy of your c.v. and diplomas to the city of your choice to get an equivalance of your work and education to make sure where you stand to Canada"s Standard as they will tell you what kind of jobs you are able to get and if you need more credits to be up to par..it costs 100-125$ and it is worth it as you will know what to do.

    Have your application checked once by a consultant, it s worth the fee just to make sure all is in order. Saves you time and money. Many times people come to me and was a good thing they did because of mistakes and not understanding or doing their own way instead of doing to the letter.
    So I advise you have a consultant..make sure he or she is liscenced by canadian immigration to do so.

    A application well done is highly regarded and appreciated. Agents love it when all is done, as it saves them time also and helps to move your application forward.

    If I can be of any help to you it will be my pleasure to guide u along with what I know.
  7. Hi there,

    Also try


    And if you check the city wbsite where you plan to live, they will have thier own local jobsite and thats probably the most reliable.

    Personally I spent months going through Monster.ca and got nothing, my resume wasnt even viewed once in 18 months and I too was an IT specialist.
  8. Hi,

    Already submitted our application last year. Thanks for your help dancing feather.

    Angie, same thing here its been a year but my resume has neer been viewed.

    I just hope that processing time would improve.
  9. Hi Gayle,

    Dont give up on it though. I ended up making a list of employers I would be interested in and writing to them all, the response was amazing! but .... catch 22, no visa no job. But, I figured at least I could let them know I was on my way over and they could keep me in mind for job vacancies.

    I eventually got an interview with one of them about 4 weeks before I got my visa and I had to travel over for the interview.

    However, once arriving thats when I noticed the main job sites are not viewed as often as people think. Workopolis is ok, and there are other sites. But I recently found myself looking for a second job and when I went to the local job agencies in the city, the ones that were daily advertising jobs I was told ..... 'Oh yeah, sorry, we do that just so we can keep an updated list of suitable candidates in case a vacancy comes up, but right now there arent any sorry'

    It was the same story for 6 weeks before I ended up going back to a call centre and asking if they would take me on parrt time as I had worked there before. They did thankfully, otherwise I'd have been stuck! and that was just a second job.

    Dont despair, you will find something, you just have to go that extra mile for the primary job. I was sending letters overseas all the time getting my resume out to companies I wanted to work for. It pays off in the end.

    Good luck :)
  10. Hi Angie,

    Thank you for sharing your stories. You gave me hope. I'm starting to apply for a job now. Hoping that employers will see my credentials.

  11. Hi Gayle,

    Good for you. Send me a PM if I can help in any way. If you let me know which Province you want to go to I may be able to help and point you towards some good places to start.
  12. :D Gayle..I forgot to mention for the equivalence I have to find the address. But you can always call immigration. It is not on the website. You have to make notarized copies of your c.v. and your diplomas, certificats, get letters for work references and including volonteering if you have done any.

    Then you include a money order in Canadian funds and send it along with your document by express post.

    They will send you a complete rundown and you will know exactly where you stand and what you need to do and what jobs you can do in the meantime that you get the credits you need to be up to canadian standard if need be.

    Where will you be immigrating too?
  13. Hi friends... I m from pakistan

    I am planing for immigration for canada under federal skilled worker system....my question is

    " are number companies(unregistered companies operating within canada) allow by immigration authorities to hire a foreign worker to help them in their immigration process under federal skilled worker system

    in other words if i show arranged employment offer from number company (unregistered company) operating in canada will it work for my immigration case for canada under federal skilled worker system...

    or will immigration authorities say to me that u must have arranged employment offer from registered company in canada not from number( unregistered ) company....

    please anybody help me regarding thiz


  14. Do a market survey. Go to Jobs.to , workopolis.com , working.com and see for yourself.

    There are more than 30,000 Toronto jobs that need to be filled . Employability depends on skill set. If you have the skills, you're golden.
  15. Hi everyone! Good to see a common platform for new voyagers :)....I was wondering if anyone has any idea about Quebec job market and useful sites along with positive and negative aspects of Quebec itself as I qualify only for Quebec and planning for immigration but I hardly know that place...I am of skilled trade i.e. Avionics with around 3 years post-apprenticeship experience...anyone wants to join me in my mission Quebec?? preferrably sub-mission Montreal? :) (or West Island), as my French isn't that good!

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