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How satisfy an officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your employment

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by Sphinx1021, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Pls.help me how to satisfy an immigrand officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your employment,what proof should I do,what document needed to meet the requirements,I get refusal on my visa application..

  2. How about:
    1) Offer of employment outside Canada?
    2) Place of residence outside Canada?
  3. Show sufficient ties to your home country i.e. what will compel you to return home? Do you have a spouse and kids(minors) and are you leaving them behind? Do you have elderly parents who depend on you? Do you own businesses/property that you need to continue managing? Do you have adequate funds?
  4. a plane ticket or other travel documents
  5. Im asking kasi I have a work permit and LMO and employeer contract of 24 months(Direct hiring),on my contract stated that my employeer will shoulder may transportaion from my point of origin untill i finish my contract back to philippines, my workplace in alberta,on my application i stated that I have a family I have 2 girls 12 and 9 years that will stay here in philippines and will not accompany me, I have also attached my current employment certificate.I also include bank statement,hindi naman gaano ka laki ang laman,pero hindi ako naglagay ng asset ko tulad ng land titles.
    but immigration officer refused my working visa.

    thanks for the response...
  6. Hmm... if you don't mind, can you post the wording of the refusal letter(without your name, etc) so that others may be able to assist you? May I suggest that you order your GCMS/caips notes for the application? It will have the visa officer's notes and you can find out what the problem is.
  7. Hi,this is the actual refusal of documents from Canadian Embassy Manila..

    Page 1

    This referes to your applications for canadian workpermit,according to canada immigration and refugee protection acts and regulations,as a applicant for a work permit,you must establish that you meet all the requirements of Part 11 of the regulations.You must satisfy and officer that you will not contravene the conditons of admissiona and that you do not belong to a category of persons inadmissible to canada under the act.You must satisfy and officer that your intentions are bonafide and that you will leave canada by the end of the period authorized for your stay.

    Based on a careful of the information contained in your application and all of the documentation which you have provided in support of your application,I am not satisified that you meet the requirements of act and the regulations,Iam therefore refusing your applicaitions.

    Subsection 11(1) of the act states that a foreign national must,before entering canada,apply an officer for a visa or any other documents required by the regulations.the visa or documents shall be issued if,following an examination,the officer is satisfied that the foreign national is not inadmissible and meet the requirements of this act,subsection 2(2) specifies that unless otherwise indicated,reference in the act to "this act" include regulations made under it.

    This application is closed.Please note that any new information you wish to provide must be submitted with new application and processing fee,Should you wish to reapply,I would suggest that you do so only if your situation has change substantively or you have significant new information to submit..

    Sincerely your


    Page 2

    Following and examinations of your applications,Iam not satisfied that you meet the requirements of the immigrations and refugee protections aact (IRPA) for the reason explained below,Iam therefore refusing your application.

    * you have not satified me that you leave canada by the end of the period authorized for your stay in reaching this decisions,I considered several factors,including:

    I.limited employment prospects in your country of residence.
    II.your current employment situations.

    thanks for all reponse....
  8. @Sphinix ...

    This refusal shows that u r not submitted correct information of ur current employment needed papers like salary slips, reference , job offer letters of from ur current employer...!
  9. Re:: letter of employment

    Hello I am Sharyar from Italy can anyone tell me that I am applying for study visa for Canada and my mother is supporting me financially and she has a contract of work that is finished so can I attach that finished contract of work with my application or she has to find new job and than attach new contact of work can anybody verify me this Thanks

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