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How long it takes for PPR after medical result have been recieved.

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by rezatoronto, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. hi guys,

    I am an applicant from inside canada.. I applied to BUFFALO and my file was transferred to NY VO. i did my medical already. it was sent to Ottawa on 8th July, 2010. my eCas changed into medical recieved on first week of september, now its mid October almost (more than 90 days after medical has been sent to Ottawa) . I didnt get my PPR yet. i am really worried . Can anyone please help me with this plaeaseeeeeeee?? as i saw all of the msg related to my issue evryone is getting ther PPR withing few days after medical recieved by VISA office ..

    Guys i am anxiously waiting for your expert reply .. thanks to everyone
  2. Hi Rezatoronto,

    right now ur situation is entirely depending on your SECURITY CLEARANCE.

    And normally on the average period it takes 2-3 months. And sometimes 3-6 months also.

    So have patience, you will be receiving very soon the PPR.

    Best of luck.
  3. thanks for the reply buddy ... i was really worried .. can u please tell me when the VO usually start the security clearance process ??
  4. The VO starts your security clearance once he receives your medicals from OTTAWA office.
  5. thanks SATDXB. for your quick reply ..
  6. Always welcome...AND JUST CHEERS...! ;)

  7. Just to clarify,

    Once the e-case gets updated to show "Medical Results have been received", there is no any security check still pending. They never update the e-case to show the receipt of the medical results unless the case is approved.

    The situation you explained is before they update to show the sentence: "Medical results have been received"

    He will get his PPR at any moment from now maximum of 2 months from the date of the update. His application is just waiting for his turn to be finalized very soon.

  8. Thanks professional for clarification..!!
  9. thanks professional1 for your clarification... i am really anxiouly awating for my PPR... who knows when um gonna get that golden req form ..
  10. I have sent the medical results on 2 Sept 10, but my file status is still "In Process" ???? If I click on "In Process" It shows the date of application and medical results have been revived.

    Is my case is approved ? or no decision made yet???
  11. my e-cas was updated on 1st week of september into medical result have been recieved. and now its mid october. still no PPR. usually people get PPR in 2-10 days after the ecas is updated into "Medical result have been recieved".

    i ahve no idea whats gooing on ..

    anyways what was ur VO ? mine is NY.

  12. Yes it is approved, and soon you will get the PPR. "god willing"

  13. Hopefully soon, there is somthing might have happened in the NY office, some applicants are talking about which is reaching the targeted quota for the current year "2010".

    Look at the following link:


    If the above information is true "NY office has reached the quota for this year", it means they are going to wait until January 2011 to get the new qouta for 2011, and issue the visas for people who are waiting, so in that case, they might delay your PPR or ask you to send your passport in Jaunuary.

    I hope they have not reached the qouta yet, and wish you the best of luck anyway.

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