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Hiring Foreign Worker from the Philippines

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by galario1967, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. I am an employer I found a worker. he is from Philipines. I can arrange him LMO. I know how to do it.
    How long will he wait for the interview in Canadian embassy in the Philippines?
  2. Do you still looking for workers? What jobs are available in your company sir?
  3. pls. check some of the timeline below, these are actual timeline of applicant from philippines...

    Applicant #1
    July `07...submitted application to Manila Canadian Embassy (MCE)
    Aug.`07... AOR received
    July 22`08...rcvd speaktest
    Aug.8...speaktest done
    Aug.19...rcvd med`l referral
    Sept.6...medical done @ nationwide
    Sept.15...medical result forwarded to MCE
    Oct.8, 2008...VISA GRANTED!!!

    DESTINATION- Ontario
    May 05, 2008-Received E-LMO
    May 12, 2008-Contract signed
    May 30, 2008-Docs submitted to MCE
    June 23, 2008-AOR/Med Referral
    June 27, 2008-Med done
    July 04, 2008-Med. forwarded to MCE
    July 24, 2008-Canspeak Test
    Aug. 13, 2008-VISA GRANTED!!!

    plus after LMO, before sending to applicant in phils. you need to have the job contract and LMO authenticated by POLO Canada. These are requirements for POEA in Manila.

    hope these helps...
  4. Thanks Cez for the inputs....I noticed that it only took 3-4 months for the visa to get granted...this is fast and a very good news indeed.

    However, I would just want to know :
    1. if the timeline you gave us is for a Live-In-Caregiver program( I noticed the speak test you mentioned in the time line)? or a regular working visa application?
    2. you mentioned that the contract and the LMO should be authenticated by POLO of Canada as part of the POEA requirement. What does POLO means, and how come it is not mentioned in the document requirements for the CIC - Manila?
    3. where is POLO located, here in Manila or in Canada?
    4. Does this mean that before you submitted the contract and LMO to CIC-Manila these documents should already be POLO authenticated?

    I hope to get your reply soon...
  5. what is canspeak test?
    could you explain that to me?
  6. 1. This is for TWP temporary work permit application intented for skilled worker/non skilled like room attendant, food server. timeline not applicable to caregiver
    2. you mentioned that the contract and the LMO should be authenticated by POLO of Canada as part of the POEA requirement. What does POLO means, and how come it is not mentioned in the document requirements for the CIC - Manila? Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), it is not a requirement from CIC. you can submit and file application for TWP w/o POLO authentication but can't leave philippines. It is a requirement from POEA for OFW (direct hires from Phils are required to present the authenticated job offer and LMO to POEA). Pls. check POEA website for more infos....
    3. in Canada, you can check address from google.com
    4. No
  7. POLO is the Philippines Overseas labour Office,In Western Canada it is headed by Atty Bernie Julve who is in charge of Western Canada.All contracts have to be authenticated at his office before the worker leaves for Canada.Without POLO clearance your worker can be held at the airport even if he has his ticket and visa.Bernie is a personal friend who I know very well since he refers Filipinos to me who need help from the BC goverment.Call up the the POLO office in Vancouver If you are from B.C,Yukon,Alberta and Saskatchewan.Look for his assistant Ruth,She is helpful if she is not yet back from her holiday,look for Roy Bernie s assistant and feel free to contact me with any questions by PM.Good luck
  8. Atty Bernie Julve POLO 604-692-0887 Suite 814 674 East Hastings Vancouver V6A1R1 Assistant s name is Ruth,That will be 25 cents for directory assistance...... just kidding
  9. Thanks BCguy and Cez your immediate reply....I'm just wondering if the POLO requirement is covered for "all" direct hired workers from the Phils, including the caregivers.

    I have a friend who got her employment contract and LMO last March 2008 and there was no authentication from POLO when she got it. Does it mean she needs to return the documents to her employer and ask them to have POLO authenticate the LMO?

    Also what is the purpose of this POLO authentication? Does the employer need to pay certain fees for this service? How much? and how long does it take?

    Sorry I have lots of questions, but hope you will be patient enough to answer them.

    Many thanks!!!

    PS. I will try to get to the website and number that you mentioned.
  10. No,the policy of POLO authentication started mid-2008<your friend does not need POLO certification and YES it covers all Filipino temporary workers
  11. Thanks BCguy for your prompt reply to my inquiry....regards.
  12. Hi and good day BCguy, regarding this POLO authentication. If my employer in Alberta received the approved LMO, is it ok to send it first to me together with the contract so I can sign it and then photocopy those docs to be submitted when I apply for the TWP visa here in Manila. And then the original copies of the LMO and signed contract will be sent back to my employer by me for the authentication from POLO Canada. Are these procedures ok?
  13. How about they only send me a copy of the LMO & job contract thru email (which I will send to the Canadian Embassy here) and then they proceed with the authenticating with POLO eventhough I don't have a signature on the contract?

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