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Hepatitis B and immigration

Discussion in 'Health' started by merry, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I have chronic Hepatitis B,but my doctor said to me"you do not need any treatment because you are in a good condition".But for safty I should take medical exam every 6 months.
    Do you know I can get visa from CIC?

    Please let me know,
  2. You may find your answer after reading this recent discussion:


    Good luck!
  3. hi!may i know if you have your visa now?i have the same case please let me know
  4. I just need more information about Hepatitis B... Hep B is specifically tested for certain occupations (but for most people
    its just HIV)
  5. My husband had the same case. What we did was we provided the DMP with my husband's lab results, abdominal xrays, and certification from his hepa consultant that his hepa B is "inactive" and non-communicable. I think it will depend on the SGPT/SGOT result of your lab, if its normal, hepa B carrier will pass the med test.

    Actually, CIC looked more on his previous TB history, though it was inactive. My baby and I had no issue eith health. But my husband was requested for a sputum test and before/after sputum test xray. This has caused us delay of 8 weeks for the sputum test result.

    We got our visa yesterday, apr 21. But, there was an attached medical surveillance form on his COPR probably because of the TB history.
  6. hi im new here and have the same case as well.. i'm applying for immigration to canada via provincial nominee. i would just like to ask to those hepa b carriers who passed their medical exams and got their visa, did you have to declare it to the background declaration? i'm on the process of filling up forms and i'm confused on how to answer questions. i hope for replies. thank you so much and god bless us all.
  7. hi!i had the same case.i pass my medical examination you dont have to worry about it.
  8. @crazy25. as per medical letter. you need to provide immunization record. did u declare when u did medical that u hve hepa b? what did the doctor said and cic said? did you provide any medical records? so it means that cic is not that strict.
  9. I'm infected by Hepatitis B, too and my doc. says it cannot be treated completely. 1 in every 5 people in my country is infected by this nasty virus.
  10. hello! I am from Philippines. I just would to ask about health problems. My brother is in toronto now as a skilled worker. His visa is Worker. He wanted to transfer from his present job to other but he is hepatitis b reactive, a healthy one. He is worried about it. He has hesitations to apply for a new job because there might be medical exams to be pass. Is canada very strict about it? Can he find a job there where he will not be discriminated with his situation? I really badly need your help.. Looking forward for your response. Thank you so much!
  11. hi i am a chronic hepatitis b carrier inactive phase, im a nurse, should i get a working or immigrant visa in canada, is there a hindrance with my disease to get visa?
  12. hi i got a admission in fanshawe but am having hep b is there any problem for immigriation my lft aslt levels are normal and my HBV DNA vermia are as very low. plz reply
  13. Hi guys,

    did you applied for your applications? if you could share your application experiences please....
  14. Hai kazuko30...I am new here...I would like to get some advise from you regarding Hepatitis B, I am just about to do medical exam in 2 week, I am hepatitis B too but I don't know how bad the virus in my blood, do you think they will denied my visa ? they will check as well for Hepatitis B during the Medical exam ? please could you share your experience, do you get approved your visa ?

    Looking forward to hearing from you...thanks
  15. hi..im a filipino nurse working for 6 yrs. and im hepatitis b positive just a carrier and my cousin is in manitoba and wants me to apply as mpnp. im just worried that if i apply and be a NOMINEE, would their be a chance that i would be denied in the medical exam or get a visa. thanks just need your help.

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