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Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Ali123, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. salam i got my PPR but they have my waife add so the sent the requst to my waife add ,it gets 15 days to recived my in my waife add in canada ,and cic is writhen that u hve 15 days to sent ur password if not we thing that u dont interst in canada we close ur application , now it takes 15 days to came in my waife add what shod i doo any one help me plz
    and also the asked for may passport expairty and my 2 potos

    helop me bor
    best regards ali
  2. Hi Ali,

    You should have immediately informed the CIC via email and Fax that you have received the PPR letter late and the time limit has passed and also mention that it was delivered to Canada on your wife's address etc and send your passport ASAP and also mention the same thing in the letter with the passport.

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