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Going my home country for long time after submitting citizenship application?

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by gulshan, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Dear i am permanent resident of canada right , i m going to complete my continuous 3 years on march 2012 .

    i want to go for long time to home country after filling my citizenship application after march 2012, In simple word i want to get canadian passport !!!

    i donot like to stay in canada for processing time of my citizenship application...

    so for this regards,

    01-Could i give mailing address of my friends / relatives who r living in canada so that they can update me for any corresponding from CIC?
    02-could i give mailing address of my origion country where i ll stay after leaving canada so that CIC can update my citizenship application?
    03-Could i be filling me as non-residence so that i can not pay tax ??
    04 could i renew my PR card from my original country? if not then whats other alternative to renew my PR card from origion country except living in canada?

    please guide me and comment here .


  2. 1. Yes but your friends have to let you know right away if you get a letter. When CIC invites you to the citizenship exam, they may only give you a 10-14 day notice for the test. This could happen between 6 months and 2 years after you apply. You don't know when. If you miss the test, you can give them a good reason why you missed it and they will give you another chance but you will not know when. They will let you know with short notice again at some point and you better be there. The same thing will happen with the oath. In some case the oath may be at the same time as the exam but it is often 2-4 months later. At the oath, they will give you the citizenship card and you can apply for a Canadian passport right away.

    2. Yes but same as 1. when you get notified of the exam, you better get on a plane and be there.

    3. Yes, I don't think that matters. They may ask you why you want citizenship if you are no longer living in Canada and you can say that you are planning on going back. If you meet the residency requirements, it is your right to apply.

    4. You can not renew your PR card from outside Canada. If you find yourself outside Canada without a valid PR card and need to get back, you need to apply for a PR travel document from the embassy. It will allow you to get back to Canada so you can apply to renew your PR card.

  3. Thank you for ur replying!! really very nice support for me..

    one question please....after getting canadian passport , could my children get canadian passport directly from origion country in future even i will not be in canada in that time !!! whats procedure for getting citizenship for my children without living one day in canada!!!
    Right now i m in canada without my wife and children ...i just want to get canadain passport so that my children could get citizenship in future ..my wife and children did not visit to canada for one day , even i donot like to come here...so whats ur comments about my children's citizen ship in future if they like to apply or they can not apply in future due to my absence in canada and no physical residency in canada in future even i would have a canadian passport ...


  4. Hi

    No chance, they have to be sponsored and "land" as permanent residents before they can apply for Citizenship/
  5. Hmmm, so if you hate Canada, why are you putting yourself through this suffering to be able to get your children citizenship in this country you hate? Why do you think they would want to live in Canada if you don't?

    You can sponsor your wife and children for permanent residency while your children are still dependent, not married, under 22 or full time students. A citizen can sponsor spouse or dependent children without being in Canada but you would have to show plans to move to Canada when they get their PR.

    If your children are under 18, you could apply for citizenship for them as soon as they get their PR. They would not have to live in Canada for 3 years before you apply for them and they would not have to take the exam.
  6. Thanks for reply!!!!!

    i like canada but the problem is here , i tried to find good job for future surviving !!! but i could not find good job in the canada so i like to move n find my good job in my origion country .. so i m thinking about future plan if i get my canadian passport then move to my home country n settle there , this is my future plan...but i just thinking for my children (two kids , having 3 years n 2 years old respectively) may be in future they like to settle in canada in the 1g years old i donot know... in this time , am i eligible to sponsor my children as PR for canada being in my origion country ????
    from ur last comments , i understand that my children can not get citizenship directly even i m in home country !! right??

    plz comment and ur comments are being appreciated here


  7. For now, as a PR, you can only sponsor your children while in Canada. Until they are being sponsored and they immigrated to Canada for a certain years, they too can get the Canadian Citizenship.
  8. Right, your children can not get citizenship directly. You would have to sponsor them for PR first. As a PR, you would have to do this from Canada. They would get their PR and then you can apply for their citizenship. Since you haven't actually applied for your citizenship yet, this is another option for you. Say you start sponsorship for your children's PR on March 2011, a year before you want to apply for citizenship. They will get their PR visas and they will have to "land" as PR's in Canada. Then they can go home right away but as they are PR, you can include them on your citizenship application. Children do not have to meet the 3 in 4 years residency for citizenship. When you actually get your citizenship, maybe a year after you applied, your children will have been PR for 12-18 months but haven't really lived in Canada except for visiting to land and then going back. They will not have lost their PR status due to PR residency requirements because you can be outside Canada for up to 3 years as a PR before you lose it.

    If you wait to sponsor your children for PR until you are back in your homeland, by this time, you will have citizenship yourself and can sponsor them without being in Canada, you would have to show plans to move to Canada once they get their PR.
  9. Hi,

    My question is if the primary applicant don't want to stay in canada after getting PR and after staying 2-3 months there, in that case can secondary candidate continue stay there with PR status without primary applicant.
  10. Yes, once both have landed as PR's, there is no primary applicant any more. Either of the parties can continue to live in Canada or leave. They each have to meet the RO (residency obligation) separately and each of them could qualify for and apply for citizenship, separately.

    The formerly primary applicant could leave Canada and eventually lose his PR due to not meeting the RO while the formerly dependant can continue to stay in Canada, meet his RO and even apply for citizenship and get it.
  11. I'm likely leaving the country after applying for citizenship (attending a 10-month study program abroad), and I'm most definitely going to inform CIC of the absence before my departure.

    I'm going to send the application first, and when/if I get the visa and know for sure that I'm going, I'll inform them and provide a letter from the school with details as to when the program starts and ends.

    My question is: how do I notify them?
  12. After your file is activated in eCas, or you received AOR, call 1-888-242‑2100
  13. Thank you.

    I thought I'd have to fax something, though — e.g. proof that I'm attending school elsewhere but will come back.
  14. You can also notify them through eCas.

    Good luck.

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