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Getting Police clearance certificate from India while in USA

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by flyingColors, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Hi friends,
    I have to apply for Canada immigration for which I need police clearance certificate from India and USA.
    My question is regarding getting PCC from India. There are 2 methods if I am in USA
    1. Getting PCC through Indian consulate in USA
    2. Apply to local police station in India through Parents/Friends.

    So my question is if I am in USA right now, then will there be any issue with Canadian embassy if I get the PCC through 2nd method?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Well I'm certainly no expert but I think the 2nd option may be a problem in actually getting it from the police. When my husband applied this summer for a PCC from in India, it was a bit of a hassle and took about one month to get. The police officer came at least twice to interview him and verify that he was living at the address he stated. He just stopped by randomly. Meeting with you seemed to be a big part of the process so how will they do this if you are not there?? I'm sure it's possible but will just take alot of time and hassle on your friend/parent's part. If you can get the PCC through the Indian consulate in the US, why wouldn't you just do that?
  3. wow one month to get the PCC , that too much , here in morocco u get it in two days the maximum , all ur info are registered in the computer the police only check them and issue you the PCC , its really amzing how people get it in india
  4. Yes, it does take a lot of time to get a PCC in India. I think (not sure how many of you would agree), its to do with the fact that, even in this day and age, in India many govt related things are manual. I dont think we have a system which can track the "low profile" offences which can be tracked any where in the country. I might be wrong.

    Ariell, even in my case, the officer came home twice to actually check I live there. I still dont know what has that got to do with PCC. Address verification is what they say, but I dont know how they both are linked.
  5. Yes, RPM, I agree that a big part of the problem is a lack of a fully computerized system. I spent 2 solid weeks in Delhi this summer going to various government offices where I often literally spent the entire day, trying to sort out my husband's passport. Wow, the things I saw were unbelievable! Especially considering that Delhi is the capital city. Any gov't office had stacks and stacks of files just piled up everywhere a foot or more high. As an example, when we went to one govt. office to check that they had sent a certain letter, we had to give them the date of my husband's original application (which we fortunately knew -- what would they do otherwise???) and they pulled out this gigantic, tattered ledger book and literally thumbed through page after page after page before they were able to find the date that they wrote the letter. And then once they found the date, they had to go to a 2nd place to look up files with the actual letters, I think organized by date. So then they pulled out a file folder and again thumbed through letter after letter before finding my husband's letter. I was stunned.

    My advice to you flyingcolours is that you avoid the hassle and apply to the consulate for your PCC.
  6. I agree with Ariell. Flyingcolors, if you dont have someone who can spend days and days at these govt offices, I wouldnt suggest you to go through India (I am not generalizing, it happend in my case and my close friends and family's case). Canadian Embassy will not have problem, but you might have a lot of trouble getting it.

    When I got my PCC from Bangalore, the date was incorrect. Instead of putting 01/12/07 they have put 01/12/09. Just to change that it took me 3 full days! I had to literally sit and wait in the waiting lounge (lets call that room as waiting lounge) until finally they do it for me. Everytime I remind them that I had been waiting for long, they say, "Many people are waiting like that. You are not the first one. So, wait if you like or go back home and we will send it to you. We are like that only"..... ????? And honestly you wouldnt want to mess with them.
    As you would have guessed, if i go back home, it will take another month to send the new one. So, I had to stay for 3 days from dawn to dusk waiting there.

    I really love my country but some things are just not right.
  7. Thanks friends for your suggestions !
    I called Candian immigration office and they told that they won't accept the PCC from India directly if I am in USA right now.
    So I have to get it through 1st option only.

  8. All the better for you for sure!! :)
  9. good luck my friend
  10. If anyone has applied in the consular office in USA, do you know how long it will take to get the certificate.

    Their website says it will take 50 days, does it actually take that long.
  11. It took me 3 weeks to get PCC from Indian consulate, NY.
  12. It took my husband 2 weeks to get his Police clearance certificate for US and 3 weeks for India from Indian consulate in US.
  13. I applied 19 Aug 2011, and i am still wondering when will i get it.
    May be One more month.
    That makes 2 month to get PCC from SFO consulate.
    What a waste of precious time. :mad:
  14. I Have Send my packet for Pcc Houston, any information how long they would take to process in Indian embassy Houston? I am worried after reading everyones post above me. GOD HELP INDIA.
  15. Hi,

    I am planning to apply for a PCC from SFO Indian Embassay. Could you please let me know is it better to apply in person for pcc ? In case if I apply in person do the photocopies still need to be attested? What time I have to be there at Indian Embassay. I greatly appreciate your input.

    Thank you,

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