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Generic Form IMM 0008 (02-2012) E - contact details

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by irfanyusuf, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Contact Information Question # 2. Street number

    1-I don’t have P.O Box address neither the Street number. What to write in street number then? The instructions guide says to enter the street number as must if P.O Bos is blank.

    2- I have written house number as Apt / Unit. Is it right ?

    3- Can we write the block name as street name ? If no , then where to put the block name ?
  2. 1. U can keep P.O. box and street no. blank.

    2.its fine

    3.in the street name , put ur building name nd also ur area
  3. Thanks Jaggy, you hve been prompt.
  4. You should not "make up" your address. Use the one that is used by those who send you letters, bills etc.
    My address did not have building number. So? Who cares! It is my legitimate address where my residence registered and all my mail delivered.
    Even though some time ago our building got number, I did not even think of writing about it to the visa office. Why bother? My mail is still delivered :) And my medical forms were delivered :)

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