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GCMS Says Interview(Buffalo)

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by AW2011, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I posted with the Buffalo thread. Thought to post it here too:
    Just got my spouse GCMS note today and found out that he's on the interview list. No interview notice received yet. He is from a visa-required country and a F1 international student in US at the moment. We filed in early June 2011 & received Buffalo AOR end of August 2011.
    At the end of the GCMS, it states "Concerns: sponsor still owns & lives in same house with ex but will sell house when spouse moves to Canada". But my ex doesn't live with me in Canada and has been living on his retirement visa in Thailand since we broke up. We are in good talking terms and decided to sell the house later on till my spouse moves here to Canada.
    I can obtain a copy of my ex's lease agreement and retirement visa record from Thailand. Was wondering if it would be a good idea to send those to Buffalo now or wait till the interview and present those to them?
    Any ideas would be greatly appreicated.
  2. Send as much evidence as possible, as soon as possible (should have been in the application to begin with). In all honesty, prepare yourself for the worst when it comes to the outcome of the application. Too many people have had cases were there weren't any concerns written on the document and still had a negative outcome. Given that they're making the rules stricter about marriages of convenience, get ready to fight... Your case really "looks" (not saying it is) phishy so I wouldn't be surprised if they grill him at the interview and reject it...
  3. Hi,

    How did you apply for the GCM notes and how long did it take for it to come. Could you let me know please?

    All the best for your interview!!!
  4. You can start from here : www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/atip/completed.asp
    It takes 30 days after they receive your request.
  5. thank you very much for your valuable information. Once again GOOD LUCK with your interview.
  6. Just my two cent, hopes it helps.
    Contacting the above department or Access to Information and Privacy Division is like contacting the call center.
    They can not process or change the opinion of the IO handing your application but you can still forward any other
    supporting document to the VO responsible for processing your file. No harm in trying

    Note: Since your spouse has an F1 Visa (non US citizen), he/she will likely be attending an interview. Interviews dates
    are usually booked between 1 to 4months in advance. You need waiting for the interview letter that will be sent to you
    wish will contains any other additional document they want you to bring on the interview day.

    If your spouse is currently in Canada, he/she must have a valid US visa or obtain a US visa at the consulate before is
    interview date. Also prepare an gather other supporting document to proof your case. Goodluck!!

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