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FSWP 2013 - Approax Processing time atNew Delhi Office

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by shiril, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm also planning to file PR (myself, spouse and daughter) FSWP program. Below is brief about me.

    Education - MCA
    Experience - IT industry 6 years (Capgemini, Infosys etc)
    Skill set - Data warehousing (Informatica, Abinitio, UNIX, Oracle, Teradata)

    Education -B.Sc , B.ed , pursuing MCM (Master in Computer Management)
    Experience - 3 years DPS

    Daughter - 10 Month old

    I've went through the CIC website, documentation wise, i'm pretty clear (Thanks for CIC updated website). As this year, application receives process start after May 2013. I'm planning to submit my application at New Delhi.

    Do you have idea about below points -
    1. Should i submit my application to New Delhi or Sydney Nova Scotia?
    2. How much time, it will take after application submission?
    3. in case, after application filling and before PR approve stage, I got job offer from Canada, how would my process get faster?

    you can reply to me also on shiril.dubey.ca@gmail.com

  2. FSWP 2013 - Approax Processing time Singapur

    hi everybody

    hopefully all are well? i have applied my FSWP program at 15th may 2013 as NOC 2147(computer telecommunication specialist). But still did not get any acknowledge from CIC. is there any idea how long they take for 1st acknowledge ?? and processing time for new FSWP 2013. In cic news i saw it will take 6-8 months for total visa processing in new FSWP. Please suggest me
  3. Hi

    Visit the above link, and connect with all 2013 FSWP applicants. View the spreadsheet, and post your profile in the above thread, this way, you will remain updated.

    Thanks & Goodluck!!

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