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FSW - 2013 - FROM INDIA - Application sent from INDIA Network Here

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Vishwas Aggrawal, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Hirvish, SAP_BW, FSW13_hope and Rajbir Kaur rcvd second line
    I (BHFsw2174), Shripad, Hjawad21 SFcanada and adapacc didn't rcvd second line.

    What is the problem with NDVO.
    So, if we look at the above name Shripad, I, Hjawad21 Sfcanada and adapacc are the only left out and I think we are discriminated and feeling lonely. Just look at our situation officers and have mercy on us. As we are also a human being and we should be treated as others.
  2. Thanks Nik.

    Our application was received by the Sydney office on May 16, 2013. Med received by us on 25th Of Jan, 2014. Passports and PCC sent - 8th of Feb, 2014.

    Let me know if need further details.

  3. By the grace of Jesus Christ, we received our pp with visa and CORP on Friday (28th Feb)
  4. Congrats RTJ, See you in canada then :)

    Wish you a prosperous life ahead.
  5. Congratulations.. .
  6. hi i am murali completed b.tech in Electronics and communication Engineering i am looking to work and settle in Canada please help me and my contact number 8498024157 and mail id jallu412@gmail.com
  7. Hi guys,

    The ECAS status changed to 'Decision Made'.

    Fingers crossed.
  8. Congratulations

  9. Thank you.

    Congratulation to all whose files moved to medicals and beyound and good luck to the rest.
  10. which consultant you using buddy?
    dont trust these consultants... PCC required is country specific...
    no rules got changed..
    for me i gave PCC from passport office.. and my wife's PCC was issued by local police station(other state in which she is currently residing)... and both worked...
    NDVO didn't asked for any additional PCC..
    do pm me in case you have any queries...
  11. Hi friends,

    My ECAS has been updated with the statement " Medical results received."
    Can anyone tell me, what should I expect next? Within what time can I expect to receive a call for my passport?
    Appreciate your response!
  12. You should get PPR also with MR
    both mail are mostly coming in 48 hrs differance
    pl check your mail box again

  13. Is anyone here who applied under 2134 NOC in November ?
  14. ref FSW 2013 Spreadsheet : http://tinyurl.com/mrqj5yc
  15. Thank you :) :) :) Wish you and your family a prosperous life too. I guess we are traveling one day after you. :)

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