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Form B4 (Goods to Follow/Accompanying List): How to ???

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by qorax, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Form B4
    Goods to Follow List &/or Goods Accompanying List
    How to Fill them...

    Hi all,

    This is in response to the numerous PMs received requesting a copy of my Form B4. As I did it on the system & there's no way to 'save' that, I remain handicapped to forward it. Thus, this thread.

    Here's what I did; & how u could do it...

    a) The form B4A is an extension of the form B4 [which is the main one to file]. Writing the B4A is a similarly daunting task, thus can be avoided. I didn't.
    b) As the form B4 contains 'only' 8 rows to fill the goods/items, use only 8 groups of things. How? Explained later.

    U should make 2 copies of the form B4. One for the 'Goods Accompanying' & one for the 'Goods to Follow'. Alongwith the attachments. What's that? Here u go...

    a) Group all similar items into one list & thus make 8 lists.
    b) Type these groups in Excel Sheets* [separate for each group]. Title each Sheet. And a Page No.
    c) Enlist the Columns as: Sl.No | Item Description | Qty | Value (CAD) |
    d) Total the Value, of each Excel Sheet.
    e) Take printouts of each Excel Sheet in A4 size paper [2 copies].

    *Eg. 1.Electronics, 2.Jewelries, 3.Clothing & Personal Effects, 4.Books & DVDs, 5.Gadgets & Mobile Phones, 6.Cutlery & Utensils, 7.Home Decorations & Murals AND 8.Linens & Drapers. [the Title Heading can vary as per your choice & requirement]

    a) Place all jewelry in Groups* & click Pictures [Must, else they'll not be accepted].
    b) Title each Sheet. And put a Page No.
    c) Take printouts of each Jewelry Group in A4 size paper [2 copies].
    d) Make an Excel Sheet, for the Summary of the Jewelry Sheets. And place a Value against each group.
    e) Total the Excel Sheet Value, in the end.

    *Eg. 1.Rings, 2.Bangles & Bracelets, 3.Chains & Necklaces, 4.Cummerbunds, 5.Diamond Sets, 6.Ear-Rings & Pendants, 7.Head-Bands & Chokers etc. (each in one group/sheet). [the Title Heading can vary as per your choice & requirement]

    STEP-3: [Major Step]
    a) Fill-out the form B4, as per the 8 Title Headings AND write the Total Value of each Excel Sheet.
    b) Make a box [by hand] at the End of the 8 rows' Value Column. Write the Total Value* of the Goods.
    c) For the Name field, write the PA's name.
    d) For the Importer's Address, write the Canadian Address.
    e) For the Country of Export, write your Home Country's Name.
    f) For the Goods to Follow BOX [below the list rows], "Tick" it.
    g) At Page-2 of the form B4, "Tick" the Newcomer BOX.
    h) Bottom of the Page-2, Sign, Date [the day of Landing] & Location [write your Landing POE's name].

    *U must write the Total Value of the entire goods, as that's needed by the CBSA to log on their system.

    a) Print-it out [on regular A4 sheets], both pages [1 & 2] separately.
    b) Take 2 printouts [one for the CBSA & one for U, with their Stamp, Sign & Date].
    c) Staple all the Excel Sheets & the Jewelry Sheets, into each form B4.

    1. Do not forget to take 2 printouts of each form B4 and its attachments. One will be kept by them.
    2. Do not forget to take pics of the Jewelry. Else, they'll not accept it
    3. Do not forget to get it stamped on landing. Sometimes the BSO doesn't ask. It's our prerogative.

    *In that case they'll ask u to get it by email & visit the airport the next day for stamping your B4. Though it can be done, but u get into unnecessary hassles, time & effort. And u just have 24 hrs to do so. Which is an avoidable tension. Isn't it?


    Hope that helped.
  2. Thanks a lot QORAX for starting this topic.

    Also, I would like to share my experience which worked and it was quick.

    I took a print out of my list and it was a normal excel sheet print with detailed 5 pages items. CBSA/ Customs official just wrote them under 3 heading and wrote the value of it and attached them with the forms with the photocopy of the jewelery pictures I had given him.

    Remember, THE CBSA/Customs official might forget asking you for the list but you have to ask him and tell him that you have good to follow later. It will be done after you take your luggage form the luggage belt.

    Best of luck
  3. Thanks for such useful info.
  4. Hello qorax
    Thanks for all very informative threads…..
    Cousin of mine will be landing in July and confused about b4 and Goods Accompanying List. She’ll be bringing mostly all necessary items for initial settlement, cloths and some cooking pots some spices etc. Shouldn’t be valued more than $2000 CAD. Not bringing any jewelry or electronics.
    There will be no goods to follow.

    Just wondering how to categorize these items. Found b4 form but where to find “Goods Accompanying List “?
    Thank you.
  5. We use the 'same' B4 form for both the purposes... Goods Accompanying & Goods to Follow. Just that u make separate printouts for each (& in 2 copies each).

    A. As there is no Goods to Follow in your case, u don't need to fill out another B4.

    B. There r 8 rows in the form. If u have 8 or less categories of items, u do not need to group them. Write as it is.

    C. That'll be your Goods Accompanying list. Only one B4 form. Albeit in 2 copies.
  6. Thanks Qorax,

    Very helpful info!!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you very much qorax. Great help.
  8. Qorax brother,

    Thank u very much for ur continuous support. need to know one things. Say for example if i have gold and for the first time landing if i dont want to take this may i need to mention it goods to follow form?

    Another question if i have more then 8 number of group what i will do?
  9. Dear Qorox,

    Thank you very much for the valuable information. I have taken print out of all your valuable thread including the master thread which which covers almost all info and kept all these in a file for future reference.

    Am very much clear about B4 forms, goods to follow list etc. I have a doubt. Am from Middle East and am planning to visit Toronto say for 1-2 months and after getting PR Card will come back to Middle East. Finally after say 2 years we will go back to Toronto permanently. Am carrying laptop, SLR camera, handycam, jewellery which wife and kids wearing... etc when we first landing... so obviously which will be shown in goods to carry B4 list. All other items I will be mentioning in the Goods to follow list. So if am coming back and at the time of re-landing after 2 years... what will happen to the items which I carry... like laptop, SLR camera, handycam, jewellery which wife and kids wearing... (which I already declared during my first landing)

    Whether they will mention these in our passport.. when we leave Canada... or just we have to show the first b4 form.. thats all....

  10. hello!
    thanks a lot for your continuous cooperation here in this canadavisa.com.
    here , i wanna know a suggestion from u. have you gut any idea about CAIPS FILE? how can i get it? how it works ? and its usefulness ?
    could u please , if time allows you, write on the CAIPS FILE for the benefit of the members of the forum. i guess most of the forum members will be benefited and helped by this writing.
    look forward to hearing from you soon
    best regards
  11. A. Anything that u want to fetch later, u must list it on the GTF.
    B. Try & regroup them into 8, for ease. Else, u need to file in the B4A as well.
  12. For any of the items which u r taking out of Canada & wish to bring it back, u need to Declare during embarkation at the Canadian Airport.

    The BSO would file in a Yellow Form (the No. I'm not remembering) & give it to u for showing to an officer on returning. That's how the system works.

    So, u'd be fine with it. Right?
  13. Hi,

    We have written about the CAIPS Notes on many threads here. I think if u just hit a 'search', u'll get all the info.

    Basically, CAIPS help u in determining your case processing situation... Reasons for Delays, if any, Why an Interview is being called etc.

    And the CAIPS can be obtained thru either a friend/relative in Canada, or via the various websites -which r doing business with it. The websites r Ok & charge $30-40, while it'd be $5 otherwise.

    Hope it helped.
  14. Thanx Duttaji... Now its clear....


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