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Foreign Engineers

Discussion in 'Education' started by simonvee, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am asking on behalf of my friend. He is a civil engineer from Australia with many years of experience and now wants to work in Canada. To be registered as a P.Engineer of Canada, does he have to sit any exams? Or is the degree and experience between Australia and Canada is bilateral?

  2. In which province he wishes to be registered? Some of the provinces has a little bit different rules.
  3. Sir

    I have B.SC in Civil Engineering degree from Bangladesh. Since last 4.5 years I'm working in Dubai with different construction company. Now I am planning to move canada with Quebec immigration process. Do you advise what is the requirement to work as Civil Engineer in Canada ?
    Do I need to go for study? how long is it? or some ministry exam only.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Check this first:

    A story to Share:
    One of my cousins is a Civil Engineer from BUET. He worked in Roads & Highways of Bangladesh (Govt) for 2~3 years and was also involved in Jamuna Multi-purpose Bridge. Then he immigrated to Edmonton, AB in FSW category in 2000-01 period. As any other, he tried to seach for jobs but failed. He moved to Montreal, QC a year later and tried there as well. He "wasted" 2/3 years trying his luck. Then he did his Masters from Concordia University (Montreal). His first job in Canada was in Calgary, AB as a Project Manager. He worked there for a year and then came back to Toronto, ON for doing construction/development business. Now, he is working as a Senior Project Officer in Department of Transportation (Govt) in Yellowknife, NWT. He was also offered a good job in California, USA at the same time he got this Canadian offer.

    Moral of the story is: Be prepared to do further/higher studies
    Don't expect to get a job right after landing just becasue you've foreign experience

  5. Thank you for the moral.

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