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fee payment for spousal sponsorship & Copy 2??-pls help!

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Sumon, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I have just paid total of $ 1040 (Sponsorship fees $75+Principal applicant's fees $475+ RPRF $490....altogether $1040)for sponsoring my spouse.I did it online and received an "OFFICAL RECEIPT"with a receipt number and date of payment.

    Is it okay If I send a copy of this Official Receipt filling out my Name/Date of birth/Client ID (???????? I am not sure what to write here)/Address and telephone number?

    I have used my friend's credit card number so when giving them the credit card number at the time of online payment, I had to fill out the form by my friend's address.

    In the checklist it says that if you are paying using the internet,copy 2 properly completed of the Receipt you print from our website.

    What does this copy 2 mean?

    I would appreciate if anybody can help me in this regard.

    Thanks so much,

  2. Ours doesn't say "Copy 2" either, but it does say "Official Receipt" AND it is "bar-coded". I simply wrote in the Client ID of applicant (who happened to have one already, I did not) and whom I am sponsoring and left it at that. I believe others have left it blank and explained in such cases where they did not have one yet.
  3. Hello truesmile and others,

    At the time of filling out the "Official Receipt" sent from the CIC after paying the fees,if i write the followings-

    Client ID of applicant - I can write (does not have one yet)
    Address/phone no.- my address (sponsor's address)

    Do u think It would be okay?


  4. As long as you write clearly the name and address of the applicant, then it will be OK. CIC wants to be able to match the receipt number for payment with your file ( as for example in your case, your name doesn't appear on the credit card), so as long as your information is on the receipt, you will be ok!

    Good luck,

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