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federal Timelines share for QSW sydney applicants - file CPP-Ottawa

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by masteros, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Wait is good for health.
  2. nothing here!! still 'application received' and that's it!!
  3. this is a good news Harvie, hopefully they may give a look on the QSW category soon, i ve question, shall the status of e-cas changed to be In-process before asking us for the PPR or the file might be in process already though it is mentioned on the e-cas as application Received?
  4. does anyone here have problem login to e-cas?
    Mine went to "in process" since jan 14 2013. and since 3/02/2012 I cant login to e-cas.
  5. Hello All! and welcome to many of you!

    I just checked my ecas and didn't have any inconvenient.

    No big news from me.... I sent the additional documents they requested and fedex says they received them 3 weeks ago. I haven't receive any other email or anything.

    Has anyone here been requested additional information?

    It's good to see good news of July applicants, I just wish many of the QSW applicants receive good news as well, there are some who applied before july and I don't see any movement under this category. :S
  6. for the ones from buffalo, when ecas didn't work they heard something from ottawa. either PPR or reqeust for additional info. I hope that you hear good news from ottawa soon. this will bring hope to all of us!! good luck!!
  7. Hi,

    I have the same problem. I can't log in since last Thursday. It keeps telling me that i put wrong info.
    I hope there is a good news. ::)
  8. Hi a9magic,

    Did you do it? Pls let me know.

    Thank you so much.
  9. I hope so :) thanks
    I saw some people get ppr after e cas is not available. but I saw a few that they didnt get any update after they can login again in the system.
  10. Hi,

    I emailed ottawa and asked them if I can pay the RPRF but they said just wait untill we ask for it. I think it doesnt make much of difference.
  11. I heard a lot of people got updated to decision made or medical request or.. but i saw a few who didnt have any update and e-cas didnt work for a few days for them. Let me know if you get any information
  12. I exactly have the same question. Does anybody know?
  13. normally it should go "in process" before you get the ppr. but again you cant rely on e-cas since we have a lot of people who went from medical recieved to decision made..
  14. I just checked my ecas as well and I couldn't login!!! how about you guys? is it working for you? thanks
  15. It is still working for me. Looks like you are about to hear something from CIC? I would be very happy if anyone of us hear from CIC! We been kept waiting for too long!

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