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Federal Skilled Worker Class Action Lawsuit

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by admin, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. dont talk nonsense that would be for family not for an individual. Talk sense please
  2. You would think that this would be more than sufficient to silence their nonsensical demands for "interest"...yet...somehow, I just don't see it.
  3. Did you just have a massive brain fart?

    You re-posted the exact same thing from yesterday.
  4. Hi

    Get out your abacus . The application fee in 2005 was $550 or 20,000 Rupees. So for a couple it was 40,000 rupees (you agree?) The poster that received a refund was sent 66,109 Rupees. So do the math, he sent 40K rupees, he got 66K rupees back, that is 26K rupees more than he paid. You should be able to work out the percentage. In 2005 the exchange rate was 35 R to $1Can, today it is 53R to $1Can
  5. That's about as likely as the moon crashing into the earth after having been knocked out of orbit by a giant space dragon.

    There are more in Afghanistan today than will ever be produced by all western nations combined over the next thousand years.

    I'm not sure where this journalist got his credentials, but that has to be one of the most idiotic statements I've read in quite some time, as if somehow immigrants can't also be citizens. ::)

    Never mind what I just said. THIS, by far, has got to be THE stupidest thing I've ever read or heard in the last 20 years.

    The reasons why people want to become terrorists defy explanation? Really?

    REALLY? So I guess I must be one of those crazy oddball people who apply reason and common sense, and come to the conclusion that they want to become terrorists because that's what happens when religious fanaticism rules their lives. When they're being told from the day they're born that "jihad" will get them 72 virgins in heaven if they kill infidels and "martyr" themselves in the process, how can anyone be surprised that they WANT to become terrorists? It's not even a matter of wanting it - they already ARE from the day their idiot primitive parents bring them into the world and start brainwashing them.
  6. Aaaaaaahhahahahahha...

    Oh my god...that cracked me up..
  7. u better get the maths rite. Doesn't mean when u say 2+ 2 = 5 is rite. Did u read the post applicant got a refund so it could be for the entire family. Husband , wife, two kids. Go back to the refund procedure cic said no interest they would be paying. So stop jumping the gun. I know a few who got the same amount for 2 adults and 2 kids application filed
  8. oh yeah u got excited. Please take a long walk before you repost things. U aint any super hero. And to the entire forum I have filed my application in 2006 but I would not be sad if they refund coz am doing good at the moment. Even if things r positive I might have a second thought. Have my cousin who has applied in 2006 who's only dream is to reach Canada. U better give information which is useful than commenting on people's post. Let them bloody write what feels rite. U dont have to make a fool of urself. Seriously dude either ur business is absolutely carp or would be a crap shit coz ur busy here commenting. Now for once eat this and stop posting on my comment. Just realized that few of them in the group sitting and waiting for a post to debate and make others feel that ur one *** tht knows everything in the world. If ur bloody in canAda first place what u doing here. People like u say u pay tax for what chatting. Or guys would have registered unemployment and robbing the gov. As I said earlier dont have to prove anything here so don't have to comment.
  9. Please learn proper English O_O

    I had to read this twice before finally understanding what the heck you were saying.

    Oh sorry, I mean what the heck u were sayin, rite?

    u, rite, ain't coz, r and sec are not in the English dictionary. Just so you know.

    Also, I hope they do refund you, then you can stop holding up our courts!
  10. The refund will be 100% of the application cost that was paid. So if the applicant paid just for himself, he will get a refund just for himself. If he paid for his whole family, he will get a refund for the whole family.

    And even though CIC is not paying interest directly, he is STILL getting interest, because PMM's point was that due to currency valuations, the money he gets back today is worth more than the money he paid years ago.
  11. Hi

    The Warmest who posted about the refund, said applicant, now Joe07 says he has a wife, and 2 kids, and pray tell how did Joe 7 extrapolate that?
  12. I said there is another family who has recieved the same amount with family. As u say ur Canada will flop if they have to pay interest also. Don't think they gonna pay. As communicated with me from the guy who got the refund its the amount he got appreciation on Canadaian dollar. Not interest
    1 cad = INR 53.34 earlier it was 45-47 INR
  13. Well...isn't it obvious?

    Look at way some of these guys managed to extrapolate that they fall under the Canadian constitution.

    It's clearly done through the power of wishful thinking, aided in part by delusions which may or may not be brought on by the power of even stronger wishful thinking.
  14. If I could +1 you again, I would.
  15. I don't remember anyone saying that "Canada will flop if they have to pay interest".

    What's the difference? The point is he now has MORE money than what he paid in the beginning.

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