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FBI fingerprint result how long does it take to get? (AINP)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by steps2006, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I received my Nomination last month but haven't really had time to proceed further. Now, when I looked at it, I understand that we HAVE to send the FBI and Police Certificates along WITH the application packet to CIC. Is that correct? It says that my nomination expires on May 25th and I'm afraid that I won't have all the documents required by that end date.

    Could someone please suggest what all I NEED to send before the nomination expires please? THANKS.
  2. You are really a punk !

    The validity is 6 months for the nomination, if you had received it last month then it should have been valid until July.

    It appears the nomination date was December 25th, 2009 for you.

    So, better start now, it takes around 2 1/2 to 3 months for FBI which means you still have time early enough for May 25th, if everything goes well. Good Luck !
  3. Thanks for your response.

    I do feel like a stupid now since I should have at least looked into these requirements.

    Since you are experienced, could you please tell me steps I need to follow or remember from here on now? I would really appreciate it. THanks.

  4. Visit previous posts, you will get most of your questions answered..

    Link for FBI Clearance:


    Link for Obtaining Police Certificate:


    Do, FBI ASAP. Remember to visit other posts and take help of other senior members as well.

  5. Thanks a lot. I am sending FBI hopefully today and cross my fingers that I get them back before the nomination expires.
  6. Looks like you are not doing even basic research on the application process. You need not submit PCC/FBI Clearance certificate along with the Federal application. Since you have already submitted your FBI application, you can go ahead and submit Federal application without it as well. You can send the PCCs when CIC asks for those. This is my suggestion. Don't waste your AINP nomination.
  7. steps2006, any update on your FBI certificate?
  8. 1/4/2010 : Sent out FBI request
    3/9/2010 : Received the FBI letter stating no record.

    3/6/2010 : Sent out the stupid Buffalo application with expired FBI card from many years ago.
    3/18/2010: Money order was cashed.

  9. thanks steps2006! Hopefully I can get my FBI cert by the end of this month. Been waiting for it for 11 weeks now.
  10. Hi steps,

    Thanks for your replies. I got a document request email from AINP yesterday, and since then, I have been thinking about requesting the FBI finger print check.

    Can you tell me what kind of information you gave for the Coverletter during the submission of your fingerprint card?

    Also, for the Indian PCC, should I wait for my nomination before I apply at the Indian embassy.

  11. You go to FBI website and look for fingerprint check, it will give you a sample of cover letter and what kind of info you need to fill out on the cover letter.

    You may do your FBI check and Indian PCC after you get your nomination. In my case I gave an expired FBI letter. The Buffalo office still accepted my application.

  12. Hi,
    My AINP nomination expires June. I applied for PCCs about 2.5 months ago. I got all except the FBI card, and its been 9 weeks so far waiting on it.

    Can I just go ahead and send my Federal application to Buffalo now? I can follow-up with Buffalo and send my FBI card as soon as I receive it. Does that work? OR I should send all in one shot?

    My concern is that if the FBI card takes longer, my other PCCs can start expiring meanwhile.

  13. Hi! Let me reply to your query by sharing with you CIC Buffalo's reply to my inquiry about documents that I cannot submit at the time that I forwarded my application:

    "Thank you for your enquiry.

    We do not offer individual counselling nor can we provide assistance in completing your application form.

    You must follow the instructions in the application kit. If you are unable to supply any required documents or information, please enclose a detailed explanation."

    Canadian Consulate General Buffalo
    Immigration Section

    Hope this helps.
  14. Thank you.

    I am planning to send my federal application to Buffalo without FBI card for now.

    any idea on how long will take it to get AOR (file number) from buffalo office once I submit my AINP application? Thanks.
  15. In my case, it took about 30 days. But that was in July 2009.

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