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Extension of visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Jedes88, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Dear Experts,

    How long it takes to get the results or approval of visit visa extension if applied online?

    I have filled up online application and the address where I'm staying is the hotel address, Is this fine? I'm moving hotel every two weeks because of my assignment will this affect my application?

    I don't have permanent residence here, what should I put in the mailing address?

    Please enlighten me. Thank you.
  2. Hi

    1. 51 days.
    2. Don't know, but you need an address for them to send the extension to.
  3. Thank you PMM. I appreciate your swift response.

    I have follow up questions;

    They will just mail the extension? They don't need my passport?
    The extension is like a letter? Not a sticker or stamp in the passport?
  4. Hi, I applied for my wife's extension online, and it came faster than the process time given per CIC.

    You don't have to send your passport, the extension is a page long document, it's not a stamp or sticker in your passport.

    Just be sure to send them copies of your passport, including those pages clearly showing your name and picture, birth place etc.., page showing the expiry date of passport, page with current Canadian visa, and the page where the guy stamped and signed your entry into Canada. These don't have to be notarized. I just scanned them and put them all into one PDF file and uploaded it to their website. It was pretty easy.

    Also make sure you send them some sort of proof as to how you will support yourself, ie support from friend, bank account statement, anything you can think of, explain everything clearly and in detail.

    Good luck.
  5. Thank you AAL1984.
  6. PPM / AAL1984 and Experts

    1. Can I use the hotel address as my mailing address? I don't have residence here I stay only in hotels.

    2. How soon I need to apply for an extension? My TRV will expire in April 2012.

    Thank you for the valued informations.
  7. As long as you apply before your visa expires you are ok, as you will have implied status until they make a decision. I applied 2 weeks before my wife's visa was due to expire, the earlier the better, 30 days before expiry is recommended - however it's not mandatory.

    Mailing address, hmm I dunno about a hotel room as a mailing address. I don't think you can use that.

    If I were you I would just rent a mail box with Canada post, then you can use a PO BOX mail address. Just go down to your local Canada post office, that way if you move around you will at least have a stable mailing address.

    Make sure to show them proof of funds, you will have to show you can afford to stay in hotels until your stay ends, plus you have to show them you will have enough money to return home. SO you will have to show a lot of money.
  8. Thank you AAL1984.
  9. hi there,
    we are applying to for my mom's visitor's visa extension too..
    Just have a question about the proof of funds., would it be ok if we submit my husband's and i employment certificate for my mom.
    Since we are the ones supporting her stay here,.and should we also submit the affidavit of support that we got from before my mom applied
    for her visitors visa?

    and how long can they extend the visa if they approved it?
  10. hi im a uk citizen in canada i arrived on 26th october last year i filled in immigration form on the plane putting 141 days for my vacation my passport was only stamped with the date i arrived my question is i'm am wishing to extend my stay in canada do i apply before my 141 days are up or do i wait until a mth before my 6mths is up i called the immigration call centre but i found no help what so ever i would be grateful if anyone who had this problem could give me there advice thanks
  11. hi i have another question regarding the imm1249e form as i already have travel insurance can i extend it or do i need health insurance from a canadian insurance company ?
  12. You were in fact allowed to stay for 6 months from your date of arrival. You can send in an application before your allowed 6 months is over. Just make sure the application package reaches Vegreville on or before the 6 months is over. See that all docs requested (if applicable) are sent with the app package.

  13. What if you have a multiple visa entry?...would you
    be required to apply for extension after 6mths?
  14. If you want to stay longer then you need to, before the end of your allowed visit. Else you leave and then re-enter and see how long a stay you'd be given.


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