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Discussion in 'IELTS - International English Language Testing Sys' started by Dr.Hasib, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. Hi Dr. Hasib,

    Can you send me the link to subscribe free ielts books.

  2. Dear Dr. Hasib,

    Please send me the link for free IELTS and TOEFL books.

    Many Thanks
  3. Hi Dr.please send the link to my email box - umugaga@yahoo.com
  4. Dr.Hasib

    please send me the link !

    Thank you very much ;)
  5. Dear Dr. Hasib,

    Please can you send me pm for the book Insight into IELTS by Venessa Jakeman and Clare McDowell. specially in that i am looking for page 189.
    I have that book but this page is not showing the full answers so i am stuck up with this.

    Please reply.

    Thanks in advance.


  6. Hi Dr. Hasib, can u pm me the link. thanks a lot!

  7. Hello Dr. Hasib
    Could u please send me the link to download the IELTS book? Thank you in advance.

  8. Hi Dr. Hasib,

    Please send me a link for the free IELTS books. Thanks!
  9. Dr.Hasib
    kindly give me lin of free ielts books
    im going 2 prepare ielts
    kindly give me link

    my email s given below

  10. Hi Dr. Hasib,

    Please provide me link to download IELTS BOOKS.

    xtine :)
  11. Hi Dr. Hasib,

    Please provide me link to download IELTS BOOKS.


  12. hi can you send me the cambridge ielts for writing
  13. Assalamu alykum Dr. hasib, Musa is saying thank u immensely for the ielts download link you sent to me, please i still need more help from u. though i got the links, but it has been impossible for me to download them, when i click on download, tried to open, i will be prompted to use 4shear, -a software which has made it impossible to open the pages, i want to buy the 4shear software, but doesn't have a means of payment, paypal and some other mens of paments are not applicable to Nigerian, perhap due to the level of corruption in nigeria. Please sir is there any other means u can suggest or other way u can assist me so that i can get the materials as soon as possible.
    Thank u one more time for your generosity and for openmindedly given out the links to us.
    God bless u.
    from Musa.

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